Wednesday, May 21, 2014


BYU's iconic ex-quarterback just sued the NFL for all those pain pills that they were giving him while he was playing the butt-pitcher position for Barack Obama's prophetic Danite BEARS team in Chicago. ~ ~ Talk about the proverbial "quarterback sneak" player on the one yard score line. ~ ~ Ergo, Walter shouts "OVER THE LINE!!" in my own private 1998 prophecy entitled THE BIG LEBOWSKI, and then he has to flash his sex pervert .45 piece when the long hair Buddhist mutt dog fuck figure does not take him seriously. ~ ~ This being the film's prophetic KING RALF character named 'Walter' that is an unintentional future homage to the latter-day prophet named Walter at ~ ~ Folks sometimes look at my 31 year-old family portrait hanging on the wall in Granny Grass' split-entry stairs hall and wonder 'What happened to Greg?" ~ ~ Well, I'll tell you what happened; the SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS is what happened to me. Wherein due to the upcoming blood cleansing work in the Lord's endowment houses, I eventually look like I AM is about 29 years-old. ~ ~ And you will too, once you get your head out of your/his ass. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LIMBO NOTES: Rush Limbaugh's addiction to post back surgery pain pills was a SPINAL TAP prophecy. ~ ~ The jumbo size Walter character in THE BIG LEBOWSKI is big enough to be a former NFL player of course. Therefore his line in the above movie that goes, "Our troubles are over dude..." or something like that. [Note the indoor sports arena style theater seating in the scene.] ~ ~ BFD NOTES: Wow! Obama don't give a fuck about the VA. Good for him. Most of you phony garlic-baloney apostate Christian conservatives don't really give a fuck about the proven fact that he is not even a US citizen. What goes around comes around; karma is a bitch; etc. etc. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: Maybe the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11 will be around until they are around 70; in confirmation of the spoken-word relations at about the age of man being 70. In other words, the second woe comes after the first woe about eight years later. ~ ~ Whatever, I have been wrong before. ~ ~ Much like Rush Limbaugh, I AM has been proven to be right only about 96% of the time. ~ ~ BLIND GOSSIP NOTES: In the 5th season episode of MAGNUM P.I. entitled BLIND JUSTICE, a guy from Cook County, Chicago who was using a dead person's birth certificate and Social Security number, named Greg, had a history of [verbally] beating up his metaphorical REV.17 wives. All of whom apparently deserved it according to the episode's symbolic final word open-ended shot.

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