Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I found THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE yesterday on a 4-movie DVD at WAL*MART. So later I checked out it's 6.23 dated wiki page time stamp at 23:00 and was amazed how that Mexican piƱata 6.9 earthquake in Mexico also happened to hit at 6:23 local time. [11:23 London time] ~ ~ But here's the deal, I looked up and saw that my iPAD battery was down to 23% and so I needed to plug in the recharger. ~ ~ God how I'd love to make some kind of a clever reference to Jim Carey's prophetic THE NUMBER 23 movie right now that came out in 2007. However, I'm experiencing some kind of an inspired mental block right now. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 23 NOTES: See Olivia Wild's no. 23 fake at BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN. Wherein she is doing some typical magician hand trick, like at: http://www.bobshouseofporn.com/fakes/OliviaWilde/images/OliviaWilde23.jpg ~ ~ NUMBER NOTES: The DOW closed down 117 on Tuesday in confirmation of Jim Carey's 1.17 birthday. ~ ~ Ergo, today's S&P 500 number was for the assassination of JFK's [CRASH] LINCOLN limo in Toronto, Canada in 1963. On the very same day that the Republican Party chose Boner's Cleveland, Ohio over Dallas, Texas. ~ ~ And therefore Dallas will no longer want to have anything to do with the Republican Party; not to mention Washington, DC, or even the Mormon church up in Utah. ~ ~ ENCHANTING NOTEBOOK NOTES: Jim Carey is supposed to look like a physically transfigured Iggy Pop trick in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE. And he does do a very brilliant job of it. ~ ~ So now I'm wondering if Carey is the special chosen one who should role-play my leading roles in KING RALPH: II&III. ~ ~ If the up-front tax-free off-shore cash money is right of course; plus Sienna Miller gets to return as his love interest, both on and off the set for a few weeks. That is if the cold hard down and dirty money is right for her too, ["Yea women's lib!!" Austin Powers.] ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: I'm thinking that the next King Ralph is a small time low rent magician in Las Vegas, not some overweight piano lounge player. ~ ~ In the first one, a 90ish looking Peter O'Toole ends up as the King of England; who looks like he has at the most 48 months to live. And therefore they better hurray up and make a sequel or two. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Have you ever thought about getting into the high risk movie business? What? You're worried that you might lose all of those millions that you made last month? ~ ~ Perhaps you never got that memo back in the late 1970s that read, "Phony Beetle mania is dead!" ~ ~ I know that you love Jesus. And you know that Jesus loves you too, even after all these years.

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