Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Steve Gray's metaphorical [sidewalk act] GRAY LINE tour bus crashed into the second witness' love bus in NYC's Theater District next to the HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE WORLD. Reportedly, TIME SQUARE's famous MIDNIGHT COWBOY street actor saw it coming. ~ ~ In confirmation of all those liberal third wayer Jew fucks at TIME WARNER HBO who just refused to have anything to do with that 80 years-old conservative third-way owner of FOX. ~ ~ For example, SLC, Utah's DESERT NEWS' bloggers are still gushing over those new pix of some smiling warm-and-fuzzy Utah politician holding hands with that fascistic anti constitutional Negro politician as they both have loads of fun riding down the Green River. ~ ~ As if they were on that iconic rapids river ride at DISNEYLAND, in Orange County, California. ~ ~ See the comments section below the CARNIVAL OF SOULS article if you do not believe me. And I quote just one of them; "This is how Washington, DC and Congress are supposed to work together..." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POLLING NOTES: Congress now has about a 15% approval rating; i.e. 50% of all Republicans think that congress is too liberal; and about 100% of all Democrats believe that Congress is run by right-wing extremists. Which adds up to a total aggregate percentage of about 75%, at the least. No wonder that Obama only has a 40% approval rating. And only 40% of Americans know that he was born in Africa. Duh. ~ ~ GRAY TIME NOTES: Keep in mind, Steve Gray's first GREYHOUND tourist bus crash happened near Centristville, Indiana, off I-70. ~ ~ TOURIST NOTES: That double GRAY LINE bus crash of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim happened in NYC near the ticket booth where one can still buy discount tickets to THE BOOK OF MORMON musical. ~ ~ DAY OF THE JACKLE NOTES: The US OPEN starts in Queens on 8.25. ~ ~ GENERAL NOTES: That latter-day two-star General of Judah and Ephraim was killed on the same day that I finally finished watching 1961's THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR's three generals parody. In other words, the white Generals are supposed to be out there protecting the US Constitution, and not just their own cushy government pension careers. And if an anti-American illegal alien is somehow allowed to become their homosexual commander in chief, then they are supposed to do their sworn duty and drill him in the back of the head with a bullet, Steve Gray style, at the first chance they get. And if they refuse to do so, then God will have someone else do it for them; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ What goes around comes around, yada yada. ~ ~ I know you want it. So check out this new chocolate LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR clip I just found at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ MONEY NOTES: I suspect that 1977's LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR prophecy is still not available on DVD etc. because nobody out there has yet been willing to pay full value for it. ~ ~ I'm thinking a wholesome looking school teacher by day played by Carey Mulligan.

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