Saturday, August 23, 2014


Cat napping after dinner yesterday evening, I heard a nice 19ish babe say "285" at 7:39 PM. ~ ~ So later I looked up Jennifer Aniston's no.285 fake at BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN and saw her inspired computer image of the fillie who came in second by a nose in THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE. at: ~ ~ I don't claim to be any expert on race horses, but I have read things about Jen working as a 19ish waitress at her father's Greek restaurant in the Village. ~ ~ Meanwhile, all those new blood vampire signs going around on the Internet have inspired me to dig out my two copies of the Andy Warholish COUNT YORGA prophesies; circa 1970-1971. ~ ~ Some things never die. And numbers never lie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN CONFIRMATIONS: That 53 year-old 666 government school teenager-teacher in Danville, California, named Mr.Wolf, was not just arresting because he was teaching the kids that homogaysexuality is cool. He was also fucking some of the underaged girls at the same time that he was taking pictures of them. ~ ~ God I love my job. Even though right now it doesn't pay shit. See: ~ ~ YOGA BY THE NUMBERS NOTES: Throughout BLUE JASMINE meets HORRIBLE BOSSES, Cate Blanchett does her yoga count exercises to try to save her mind. Like in the scene where we see the number 780; or the scene where she starts counting down to blast off when Ken Keisler finally calls her from Eastern Europe, etc. etc. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: The next time that you are standing on a sidewalk or a street somewhere directing a movie, and a 19ish girl who you have never seen before walks up to you and looks directly into your eyes, without saying a word; you will know that, "This is the girl." ~ ~ 500 HOMERS NOTES: In REV.16 the dragon is the devil, the beast is 666 socialism, and the false prophet is the animalistic prophet of Islam. Therefore, Clyde Lewis believes that Joseph Smith was a false prophet who was deceived by the devil. As confirmed by the fact that today's high [elevation] society leaders of the RLDS church in Utah are being led around by the nose by an internationalist European New World Order democrat socialist. Who is just waiting for yours truly to step out from behind the blood cleansing temple veil curtains and take over. ~ ~ No wonder that the street smart Ken Keisler always accused me of being such a blabber mouth fool; guilty as charged. ~ ~ I.e. white people are better than black people; Mormons are better than Christians; christian Republicans are significantly better than Jewish Democrats; Barack Obama was born in Kenya, Africa, not Hawaii, USA, yada yada. ~ ~ In other words, I am smarter than you, by half.

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