Sunday, August 24, 2014


Jesus was the original love guru of course. ~ ~ Therefore all of those liberal Jewish hypocrites in his time crucified him for saying that the Greek gentile king was not a US citizen. ~ ~ Get it? ~ ~ Oh well. ~ ~ There was a 6.0 orgasm off of Rt.37 at 3:20 AM today, for the two sticks in the mud of Judah and Ephraim in EZE.37. Because San Pablo Bay means Saint Paul Bay in Americano, STARBUCKS style. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POLITICAL HORSE RACE NOTES: See: AND:,_New_York ~ ~ Talk about the end of Jimmy Carter's Oslo Accords fantasy world view. Which Barack Obama and Woody Allen et al tried to resurrect from the dead, to no avail. ~ ~ Sorry Charlie, you can't have your cake and eat it too; even in the movies. ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: Woody Allen introduces the Ornella Fresh symbolism in BLUE JASMINE with his fresh clams vagina talk about my sailboats in the background. ~ ~ POPE NOTES: Paulie's mob uncle looks exactly like Bro. Adams; who lives in my sister's neighborhood in Kirkland, Washington. ~ ~ In other words, he looks a lot like my fall season fly fishing buddy Capt. Paul Garrison. Whose native face logo is seen on all of those ALASKA jet airliners based out of Seatac. ~ ~ PS JEFF: I may have to crash at your place in Venice for a couple weeks. Don't ask me why. And don't worry, I won't wear out my welcome. ~ ~ On the contrary, you'll be sad to see me go. ~ ~ I'll make it worth your trouble times three, believe me. ~ ~ SOAP OPERA NEWSPAPER ROMANCE NOVEL NOTES: Fucking crazy Cate Blanchett sits down on a park bench next to my sister Princess Diana at the end of BLUE JASMINE, where we see that [members only club] evergreen store front for the new 666 mob in the background. ~ ~ 19 VS. 23 NOTES: Joseph Smith said that the sanctified saints in the Celestial Kingdom will look 23ish. My impression is that they will all look 19ish. ~ ~ Why settle for second best? ~ ~ ORNELLA NOTES: That champagne celebration bottle that Ginger and Chili pop open in the final act of BLUE JASMINE is the same one that you always kept on the ready for all of those years on your [STARBUCKS] coffee table. ~ ~ Hope I'm not repeating myself.

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