Monday, August 4, 2014


William FFer Buckley Jr.'s SAVING THE QUEEN came out back in 1976; when the novel's future GSR/TWN James Bond protagonist was still sporting his return LDS missionary side-part haircut, like the one at: ~ ~ Flash forward to 2015 in BACK TO THE FUTURE: II, when Doc Brown had gone through the future blood replacement-cleansing process in the born again Mormon temples and looked twenty years younger. ~ ~ No wonder I see myself fucking all those twenty something babes in my dreams all the time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUMMER OF LOVE NOTES: Here's Miley yesterday sporting a really groovy love guru do at: ~ ~ I still think that she would make a really cool Janis Joplin biopic rock star. ~ ~ Unfortunately, most of the older Jewish men who still run Hollywood don't get it. ~ ~ .22 NOTES: The brain dead James Brady, who was shot in the head by a .22, just died in confirmation of me fucking Miley Cyrus' brains out after she turns 22 in 2015. That's like watching BTTF's opening sequence of Doc Brown dangerously driving the wrong way on the freeway in 2015 on the same day that we learned that the former [Barry Obama] Negro mayor of DC named Berry was arrested for driving the wrong way. Just like all of those aging Jewish neo con talk show hosts in America who have surprised us in recent years with their astonishingly gullible blind spots portrayed in the original 1985 Reagan Democrat movie called BACK TO THE FUTURE. Wherein they can't see Obama's forged birth certificate on the Internet because they still refuse to even look at it. ~ ~ "No one is more blind than he who will not see..." Jesus Christ, The Son Of God. ~ ~ NOTES FOR OLD JEW FUCKS: It's still alright to get an FFing hand job once in awhile from some white Christian teen hottie who looks like one of your teenage granddaughters. But don't get too carried away with this; nothing lasts forever. ~ ~ FOR YOUR EYES ONLY NOTES: Lindsay Lohan showed up in Greece at the same time that these new nudist physical transfiguration temple veil pix appeared at: ~ ~ The prophetic 007 movie starring a middle-aged Roger Moore was about me eventually taking over all of the west's environmentally clean N-bomb submarines in GOLDMEMBER: III, etc. etc. ~ ~ For example, see: ~ ~ The time is fast coming when nobody except me will get to fuck Lindsay Lohan. No matter how 'crazy in the head great in bed' she is; doesn't matter. She couldn't take me to court and make a case out of it even if she wanted to, in my world. ~ ~ If the money is right of course.

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