Saturday, August 30, 2014


Here is what Elder Oaks and Kenny Kemp et al are missing: ~ ~ The likes of whom show up at various lectures about religious freedom being threatened today, but their girly vaginas are so tight that they still can not bother to mention the White Horse Prophecy; much less the abomination of desolation. ~ ~ So now they need to be schooled by a couple of little girls who never even studied law at some place like Brown University or BYU. ~ ~ In the last days, the wise and the prudent in high society will be humbled and made low by the innocent and the uneducated. ~ ~ This is what 770's Clyde Lewis means when he talks about "common sense" on his late night UFO, Big Foot, Greg Relf conspiracy radio show. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUPER MOON NOTES: 1987's prophetic MOONSTRUCK features Ornella Fresh entering into the new look of the physical transfiguration at the Lincoln Center temple complex; located next to the upstairs LDS temple visitors center. ~ ~ Hence, Mr. Wolf lives upstairs from the white flour bread ovens that are symbolic of the first beast's holocaust. Based upon my years of Internet writer's toil down in a dirty basement, etc. And the ancient surname Relf means 'powerful wolf' yada yada. ~ ~ At the end of the above neo gothic [vampire] movie, we learn that men need to be fucking more than one wife at a time in order to keep them reinvigorated and feeling alive; up and until the never ending end. ~ ~ Oddly enough, today's Jewish 78 year-old Woody Allen still does not get it. Therefore, now comes MARK 13:14. ~ ~ KILLER ZOMBIE NOTES: Can we all just come out and say it? Russia's 'Glad' Putin has that creepy blank stare on his poker face of a walking dead zombie mad man. ~ ~ Who would definitely sell a couple of A-bombs out the back door for hard cash tax-free money if it served his anti-western purposes. ~ ~ I know that sounds crazy. ~ ~ MOVIE NOTES: Back on August 22 at 7:49 AM, Michael informed me that I should finally get around to watching my used copy of 2004's THE AVIATOR. ~ ~ I have never seen the Martin Scorsese movie before. But apparently it's supposed to be some kind of a bombshell; along the lines of Sandra Bullock's own private 1980s Reaganite 52 PICKUP prophecy that was made down around Long Beach and Orange County, California. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ PS MEL: Don't forget, Marty's hilariously demented TAXI DRIVER sequel-remake-homage about that crazy white X-Marine mother fucker who shoots the second-story man nigger [Barak Obama] in the arm of flesh with a .44 magnum has you sitting in the driver's seat. ~ ~ Here is the new deal. You charter a new off-shore tax-free bank for my new world order billionaires, you get to pick and chose which indie film projects that you personally want to be involved with. As if the new multi-billion dollar movie market in Thailand and China etc. could give a flying fuck about your recent run in with some Jew fuck Malibu traffic cop. ~ ~ Of course, I would need to see lots of underaged girls in anything that you might decide to make; otherwise financing could still be a problem. ~ ~ Meanwhile, don't worry about the new illegal 666 IRS beast cracking down on your tax-free off-shore operations. I already have one of my nuclear missile subs parked down there in the south seas; just waiting for my orders. ~ ~ See my look alike October 29 image at: ~ ~ Which was released on the birth date of my first born son in 1990.

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