Friday, August 29, 2014


That Olsen twin who rides the 5.6 White Horse Prophecy for a deliberate reason was just confirmed by that 5.6 earthquake in Greece at ...45:06. Located next to Bro. Adams own private D&C 76 landmark named Adamas. ~ ~ Where they made that James Bond prophecy called FOR YOUR EYES ONLY; co-starring Kristen Stewart's sexy sultry half-closed bed eyes. ~ ~ Which are hiding behind her shady eye glasses in her latest 'F U' airport pap where she flips the niggers the bird, at, ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT NOTES: ~ ~ Too bad that the comic Negro genius who made the black and white SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT masterpiece didn't humble himself and do the occasional black Woody Allen movie homage. Otherwise, he would still be the host of Hollywood to this day. ~ ~ That whole uppity nigger thing will get you every time. ~ ~ For example, Barack Obama no longer has a career in politics. ~ ~ GREEK GROUND ZERO NOTES: Clyde Lewis' obsession with apostate christian Greek temple mythology is just a bunch of Greek to most people. ~ ~ However, his inspired radio talk is actually about George Albert Smith's vision of a future Greek homosexual who would be desecrating the White House temple in 2014. And who would be masterminding his new world order plot to depopulate the world; using WW: III as a front for world domination. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Obviously, the above mythic 7-heads 666 beast movie, made by Hollywood Jews, came out only months before the assassination of JFK in Dallas, Texas. ~ ~ Oh yeah. ~ ~ LAST TANGO NOTES: I still believe that the two Olsen twins would be the ultimate fantasy casting for the inevitable FFer two sequel to LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ ~ BFD, some 17ish girls don't like taking it up the ass; some other girls do.

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