Sunday, September 28, 2014


Reportedly, the driver of that 18-wheeler full of WILCOX FARMS milk and eggs was rubbing his cock when he lost control and stepped too hard on the gas-peddle wheel in the left lane. ~ ~ Nothing yet about wether one of those dead lesbian overweight softball players was decapitated in the process. But I would bet dollars to donuts and bagels that that is exactly what happened. ~ ~ Now I see that Sarah Silverman is going to be hosting the next post T.G.I.F fire forerunner SNL slot. ~ ~ As confirmed by Ariana Grande's amazing duet with that negro version of Meatloaf in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW on the 40th anniversary of SNL, 2014. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LOVE ME TENDER NOTES: Obviously, Ariana likes it nice and hard, but still a little bit slow and tender. ~ ~ MORE SCOOPS: Woody Allen calls me a delusional paranoid [jerk off] handy man named Hen/ry Banks in SCOOP. ~ ~ ROCKY NOTES: Dozens of weird looking alien moonie face Japanese mountain climbers suddenly died in that new volcano orgasm eruption. In confirmation of my unidentified INVISIBLE MAN Internet UFO figure in 1974's THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW killing it last night on SNL with his rock and roll figure; per that mountain climber's pick ax in the above show. ~ ~ I don't know why. But the jazz player's sax is often times called a musician's ax. ~ ~ NIGGER NOTES: Another wild at heart violent ape shit nigger from Africa just shot a policeman in Ferguson. Naturally, all of those foxy girls at the Bill O'Really network are reporting that this has no relation whatsoever to Barack Obama's forged birth certificate. ~ ~ SNL NOTES: Last night on SNL's opening season [Day of Judgement] show, they spoofed the idea that Woody Allen still owes me some serious birthday cake. ~ ~ And who can blame them for being so paranoid? ~ ~ Woody Allen is going to continue to make at least one movie a year for the rest of his life; no matter what it takes. Even if he has to go to La Cosa Nostra for the money. ~ ~ And he agrees to go along with their suggestion that maybe Ariana Grande should be the star of the movie, co-starring my stepson Justin Beaver. ~ ~ If the money is right of course; don't be ridiculous. We're talking about Woody Allen here. ~ ~ And of course we are talking about me too; who is more than willing to fork out whatever it takes to make my many bored wives happy. Just as long as I too get a few nice close up shots, just for the shits and giggles. Money has it's privileges. ~ ~ By the way; it is no accident that I AM is the most believable ham actor to ever come down the pike since Orson Welles in THE STRANGER meets THE THIRD MAN meets A TOUCH OF EVIL meets IT'S ALL TRUE.

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