Friday, September 12, 2014


A known illegal alien with a stolen Social Security number has taken over the White House; yet none of our telephone calls to the DC police department are being answered or returned. ~ ~ Not to mention the Rush Limbaugh show. ~ ~ No wonder the sudden rise of right-wing law-and-order style militia vigilantism. ~ ~ Per the prophetic tv series that starred a tall goofy Jew who looked like Frankenstein. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SECRET NOTES: My tall Brazilian model wife for VICTORIA'S SECRET finally wised up and divorced her tall goofy Jew husband. ~ ~ According to the BOOK OF MORMON, Adriana Lima et al are mostly Jewish by their genealogy tree bloodlines. Probably around 70% or so; per their usual 70% plus vote for reformed third way democratic fascism in every election since FDR. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: People who hate politics tend to be immature and childish. "So then because thou art luke-warm [Like the protestant gospel of Luke.] and neither cold nor hot, I will spit thee out of my mouth." [REV.3:16] ~ ~ These being the same kind of Homer Simpson types who Rush Limbaugh rightfully refers to as the "low information crowd". ~ ~ Ironically, many of these prideful high society people have advanced ivy league college doctorate degrees in political science and theology. ~ ~ Ergo, Woody Allen's redemptive line about him only going to driving school, and not someplace where they brainwash young foolish virgin girls with feminist marxism; like Brown University or Yale, etc. in THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION. ~ ~ NEWS MEDIA NOTES: The more you lie to us about that certain unknown somebody called "President Obama" the more obvious it becomes that Dick Cheney is the real President of the United States today; or what is left of it anyway. ~ ~ In other words, Cheney was the last known legitimately legal person in line to hold that office. No matter what Clyde Lewis, Mel Gibson, and or Michael Moore might think. ~ ~ THE LITTLE MAN INSIDE MY HEAD NOTES: 1964's prophetic GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM was about me and Miley Cyrus at: ~ ~ Miley gives great head and all that jazz.

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