Monday, September 1, 2014


That aviator crash confirmation in Barack Obama's Erie, Colorado landmark on Sunday represented the Colorado "Blue Spruce" at the end of THE AVIATOR; which started to take off at 70 [weeks] knots in Long Beach, California. ~ ~ For some background on the popular X-Mass tree that has often been chosen to be the official White House Christmas tree, see: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OCTOBER 29 NOTES: 1990's THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER is a prophetic allegory of when my gang of outlaws will escape from the socialist beast by way of those two undersea [front door] landmarks of Judah and Ephraim in REV.13:1 called Thor's Twins. And then we rendezvous in a deep sea location named after my ex-wife; known as the Laurentian Abyssal. ~ ~ No coincidence that the movie starts out with a 29ish looking American protagonist based in London. After that opening GSR forehead scar line close up shot. ~ ~ In other words, the original James Bond returns decades later in the form of an American CIA agent. Who had already written and published a couple of plain truth type lost Ernest Hemingway novels. ~ ~ Remember this. In the last days, the wise five virgins will love my work. The foolish five virgins will hate my work. And there will be no gray area then.

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