Sunday, September 14, 2014


"You can't run away from fraud and deceit young man!" Says the sleazy "Harvard 44" private eye who caught Harvard's no.44 Barack Obama red handed in GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM, 1964. And who lives at "29th and Gary" in San Francisco, California. ~ ~ For example, a woman can not receive her 15 big ones inheritance unless and until she has a legitimate temple veil husband who has been sealed to her and her children for all eternity. ~ ~ Otherwise you get a whole lot less, in terms of real money; like those two Catholic married clean-living religious nurds depicted on all of those WILCOX FARMS milk&eggs billboards. ~ ~ Think Nicole Kidman and Kate Holmes having a crazy good time at TOMMY'S JOINT in the above 1964 picture. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the film's prophetic Negro authority figure judge rules that Jan and Sam are in fact legit Catholic church type husbands and wives. Just like my crazy French ex-wife; who once married Steven Hughes in a [Scientology] church in Oregon somewhere. ~ ~ Having duly obtained some kind of a prophetic and deceitful Barack Obama type marriage/birth certificate. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MILF NOTES: This one could be complete true-or-false bullshit. But the current local east-side Seattle/Bellevue scuttlebutt is that my cousin Jan [Relf] and her sleazy husband are now worth 15 big ones. Works for me. ~ ~ I would fuck my hot blond 1st cousin bitch in the butt in a heartbeat, and never look back. [I never look back anyway, but it sounds pretty cool to say this on here.]

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