Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I barely made Second Class in the Boy Scouts of America before I started to get some kind of a creepy vibe by that whole young virgin boys in short haircuts marching around in uniform thing, and abruptly left to join the Explorer Scouts' local fly fishing club. ~ ~ Meanwhile, David Lynch had just become an Eagle Scout in Missoula, Montana with 23+ Merit Badges on his chest. ~ ~ In other words, good Catholic boys get to fly second class to heaven. ~ ~ And all that jazz in LOST HIGHWAY meets MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ Because the Catholic Protestant churches are nothing but prep schools for children who are not yet grown up enough to accept the fullness of the Father in D&C 76 etc. etc. ~ ~ In other words, real men drink PEPSI in crystal clear glass bottles and fuck two girls at a time; circa Hugh Hefner 1969. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RADICAL RELIGIOUS MILITIA NOTES: America is about to be taken over by the white militia majority who hate Jews, queers, and niggers. ~ ~ Better get ready. Because that's a good thing. ~ ~ Per the traditional [born again] Karl Marx 666 nazi German concept about whatever-is-necessary to destroy internationalist socialist Jewish capitalism.

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