Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Naomi Watts was also born in 1968. So there must have been a reason why my sidekick business partner forerunner Howard Hughes was so inspired to watch the ICE STATION ZEBRA prophecy 150 times on a continuos-loop .35mm projector. ~ ~ While at the same time Woody Norris was my [Montana flyfishing] Explorer Scouts teacher on Tuesday nights at Seattle's 3rd Ward, located along the new I-5 Internet freeway landmark of the new 1950s culture 666 beast. Who was making 16mm James Bond spy movies on the UW campus co-starring the bad ass Ed Lee for Bruce Lee, etc. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ No wonder that Woody Norris look alike folk singer in a future STARBUCKS coffee shop in Roger Corman's famous low budget film entitled, I don't remember. ~ ~ As just confirmed by the new pix linked off of Tarantino holding up his home video [super 8mm] camera, all ready to call action on his new REV.16 civil war movie. ~ ~ If the money is right of course. See: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEEN MOVIE NOTES: Ms. Montana's inspired of God Disney ride movie made way back in 2008 was about me fucking hot underaged virgins, per: ~ ~ Last night, Michael gave me a heads up about some prophetic movie that was made "...six years ago." ~ ~ Check out the above wiki page's 1290 days 8:02 time-stamp. ~ ~ FALL CUTTHROAT FLY FISHING NOTES: For the third year in a row now, the northwest coastal cutthroat trout creeks are running pretty low. With the exception of the rain forest creeks on the Olympic Peninsula, Vancouver Island, and Alaska's southern peninsula. Washington's Rainy Valley on the south side of 14,409 Mount Rainier being the exception, upstream from Morton, of course. ~ ~ LESS EDUCATED READER NOTES: All of those loud mouth niggers in places like Barack Obama's South Side Chicago call someone who is half white and half black a "zebra".

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