Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Sadly, the old gray-area lady is going to have to be put down now. Per today's proverbial crazy Jewish mother fucker NYT No.56,612 issue homage to the Olsen twin girls. ~ ~ I mean, how many years can they go on losing hundreds of millions of dollars; all in the name of progressive FDR era Marxism? ~ ~ While those two little girls continue to rake in billions from their JC PENNY operation. ~ ~ According to the BOOK OF MORMON, in the last days the crazy people are going to kill the crazy people. ~ ~ Because the only crazy thing about Barack Obama's crazy-nigger birth certificate is that so many crazy white people like Glenn Beck and Bill O'Really are still claiming that it is the genuine article. ~ ~ Talk about being moonstruck. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHALE TALE NOTES: The NATO summit in Wales is scheduled according to the thematic whales theme-line in THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER. Which actually features whale models hanging on the wall in the future negro president's [oval] office at the CIA, etc. in the first act. ~ ~ AVIATOR NOTES: The number 46 only means anything if you believe that Jesus was crucified on 4.6. For example, my long lost lawyer buddy Ken Kemp flies a PIPER. And that PIPER that crashed in Barack Obama's Colorado was a PIPER PA-46. ~ ~ In other words, San Diego style Utah Mormons like Kenny Kemp and Woody Norris still believe that the coloredado Americanos should hold the priesthood. Even though we are not allowed to see the swinging 70s revelation in question; not to mention Obama's birth certificate from BYU Hawaii, etc. etc. ~ ~ TERRORIST HEADS UP: Last week I dreamed that ISIS was fixing to attack Israel with the same kind of deadly toxic chemicals that were featured in John Waters' HAIRSPRAY prophecy that came out in 1987. Then I found a used DVD copy of the pivotal movie about two days later at GOODWILL for 2.99.

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