Saturday, September 13, 2014


HERTZ finally puts yours truly in the driver's seat at the end of 1964's spoof on the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964 called GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM; me holding a cup of tasty STARBUCKS in my own mind. ~ ~ Wherein the wholesome looking Chris and Elle Wood [WHOLE FOODS] couple end up on 12 big billboards for WILCOX FARMS milk and eggs that are placed throughout the Gay Area. ~ ~ Posing as the clowns and vampiresses that they really are who look like the white and blackface Barack Obama and his vampire wife, Mich/elle. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the movie is a fabulous depiction of plural marriage played by Kate Holmes and Nicole Kidman, both of whom were once married to the gayish Tom Cruise. ~ ~ Now being played by a tall dark and handsome Captain Paul Garrison look alike. Who suddenly appears half way through it in an attempt to reestablish the gayish [Gospel of Paul] concept of Biblical monogamy; based upon the wrong idea that Jesus was never married. ~ ~ Therefore, both of the two clean-living family men end up in bed together, bouncing around on some crazy rusty springs mattress scupture. ~ ~ Which is why I found the inspired art film at TARGET during the latest super moon. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CAR RENTAL NOTES: According to the revelations from God that are recorded at, in some cases you get to go on the rent-to-own plan when it comes to your future temple veil wives. Per those endowment house veil curtains in Kate Holmes's master bedroom in the above dream scenario about me having a second wife who lives next-door. ~ ~ SMILEY CYRUS NOTES: The above 1964 LBJ/JFK/MLK movie about the whore of Babylon in REV.17 ends at the SMILEY HOTEL, where we see the proverbial painted lady in the Bible named Jezebel. ~ ~ Hence, 9" of rain just fell down upon America's Sodom and Egypt landmark located in Memphis, Tenn on the muddy day 1290 Mississippi River. Because that crazy deer hunter assassinated MLK there at the cheap hotel that was named after my crazy French ex-wife from Loren. ~ ~ Quiche Loren is made with eggs and cream and Swiss cheese and ham, and all that jazz. ~ ~ [See A VIEW TO A KILL for more cooking tips on this point.] ~ ~ UNITED NATIONS NOTES: I can understand why my future girl-next-door brown-eyed wife Emma Watson is still attracted to the UN's proverbial painted lady landmark. ~ ~ After all, my own private forerunner named Truman Capote also lived upstairs in the UN's 1964ish iconic alien modernist monolif located along that latter-day 1290 river in DAN.12. And he too was only attracted to clean living looking moral family men with short haircuts. ~ ~ JC NOTES: Johnny Carson was my ultimate late night 1969ish forerunner of course. Who also once lived upstairs in the UN's last days tower of Babylon in Manhattan, Jew York. ~ ~ FRENCH EX-WIFE NOTES: My cold-hearted feisty troublesome temperamental French ex-wife was once warned by some mysterious prophetess in Epinal to be aware of men with short haircuts and [symbolic] dark gentile skin who preside across the Atlantic seas; long before she ever met up with me at the wildcat COUGAR LOUNGE at BYU. ~ ~ Of course at the time, I too had a short haircut just like Jack Lemmon et al. But that's another posting on this blog for another time.

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