Monday, September 15, 2014


Both Sam and Paul light up a couple of KOOL fags before they jump onto the queer-as-orange bed stings of Christian monogamy and get it on like today's married homogaysexual fraudsters in GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM, 1964. ~ ~ Exactly, the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964 was just another excuse for today's [tall dark and handsome] half Jewish Negros on the down low to run away from reality. ~ ~ Thank you very much Spencer W. Kimball, George W. Bush, Capt. Paul Garrison, Gordon B. Hinckley, and Glenn Beck and Bill O'Really et al. ~ ~ No wonder yours truly gets to temporarily fuck so many hot babes who I AM is not even legally married to in the new and improved [RLDS] CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY in Park City, Utah meets West Los Angeles, California. ~ ~ In the prophetic latter-day spirit of, "What goes on inside of my sacred temples today is VOMIT!" ~ ~ [] ~ ~ In other words, you take my wife, I take your wife. ~ ~ And both of them like it. ~ ~ If the money is right of course. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PLAIN TRUTH MAGAZINE NOTES: All of those free magazine dispensers that were placed along the sidewalks in Westwood, LA in the 1960s and 1970s and 1980s were a part of God's plan for the restoration of the lost tribes of Israel. Who have been hiding in plain sight for all of these centuries. ~ ~ No matter what that clean living religious Jew nerd Michael Medved might have to say about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate and stolen SS number. You can't run away from fraud and deceit, no matter how hard you try. ~ ~ As in, Sailor and Peanut try to run away from the law in WILD AT HEART: 2. The remake-update-sequel, costarring Miley Cyrus and Justin Beaver. With special guest appearances by Ms. Gomez and that tall hot skinny blond with the kind of 19-20ish tits that stand up and say hello; a.k.a. Taylor Swift. ~ ~ I'm thinking Jennifer Aniston plays her older blond-wig mother in the new-and-improved David Lynch movie. Who is still a pretty sexy looker; and definitely has the kind of [PLAN B PRODUCTIONS] fuck-you money to make it happen.

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