Sunday, September 21, 2014


A drunk Jack Lemmon asks the high society crowd in the GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM prophecy to raise their hand if they are from Ohio. Because that is where the 1964 movie's Kate Holmes forerunner look alike comes from. ~ ~ Ergo, several years ago, God warned me to stay out of Ohio; per those civil war scenario revelations that are recorded in THE WHITE HORSE PROPHECY, by Ogden Kraut. ~ ~ Wherein the 666 miles long state line Ohio River will flow with blood. ~ ~ Per Rusty's trademark radio show song that always opens with, "Way to go Ohio..." ~ ~ Talk about a pen name reference to today's new and improved black and red Nazism. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUEPRINT NOTES: I always try to tune into GROUND ZERO RADIO every weekday. Because Clyde Lewis is one of the few white dudes on talk radio who knows that everything bad that is happening out there right now has been pre-planned by me and the boys in London, England; not to mention Paris, France and Padova, Italia. [See THE ITALIAN JOB.] ~ ~ And I do admit it. After over 20 years of doing this for nothing but shits and giggles; I get a certain amount of backhanded satisfaction in hearing from someone who at least has the balls to give me a little open credit once in awhile. ~ ~ GOODWILL NOTES: I bought a used $2.99 DVD that was still in good condition of Woody Allen's 2006 prophecy entitled SCOOP on Sunday. After I saw the name of some positive film critic named "Ferguson" on the back side of the plastic DVD case. ~ ~ Plus, Scarlett Johansson has the same size big tits on it like the beaver lady has on the bow of the sailboat bar in OPERATION MAD BALL, circa 1957. ~ ~ MIGHTY LINE NOTES: The most prophetic mighty line in OPERATION MAD BALL happens at about 1:23:53; wherein some crazy hot-and-horny NURSE BETTY figure exclaims, "The restriction's been lifted!" And now the war on women who like to fuck real men is all over. Which was started by all of those Jewish bitches in today's neo German Nazi Democrat Party. ~ ~ "Everyone must be equal with everyone..." To paraphrase Eva Brown's little wormy half Jewish lover named Adolf Hitler.

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