Wednesday, September 17, 2014


As you may all know by now, I keep most of my off-shore half-tax-free money in THE BANK OF CANADA's various off-shore branches in places like the Bahamas. ~ ~ In other words, you support the Internationalist Jewish conspiacry to undermine true socialism; you see me as some kind of a new and improved Hitler. ~ ~ Who hates rich Jewish liberals who never stop scheming of ways to steal your hard earned money. ~ ~ Think the tall Jewish Bill Clinton is still married to that crazy bitch on wheels named Hillary for a reason. ~ ~ And it's not a good reason. ~ ~ In other words, Hitler wanted to streamline and improve and modernize nurdy Jewish self-righteous Marxism; just like Michael Douglas on the left, and or Michael Medved on the right. ~ ~And I do too. If you get my drift. ~ ~ "We were fighting for the wrong side." Leslie Winn, circa 1969. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MARXIST NOTES: The only way to cure today's capitalist Jewish Marxist pop culture cancer is to cut it out completely at the roots. ~ ~ Talk about the final solution in MARK 13:14 and DANIEL 12. ~ ~ OPERATION MADNESS NOTES: Some ridiculous looking black and white 1950s comedy starring Jack Lemmon was on the flip side of my GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM disk called OPERATION MAD BALL. ~ ~ Which turned out to be about today's high society types who try to stop me from balling all of those hot nurses in Girl Scout uniforms who are on the down low; at some FFing fuck fest ball in post FDR France on September 22, 2014. ~ ~ TALK RADIO MADNESS: I am not going to let any rich Jewish talk radio host out there drag me down into the mud with their mud race craziness about "The President of the United States Barack Obama" who is not even an American citizen; and everybody and his [Emerald City] dog named Toto knows this, left or right. ~ ~ PS MEDVED: Most of the more younger conservative Internet savvy low-wage staffers at conservative talk-radio stations like KTTH 770 AM are onto you. ~ ~ They don't say so openly because they don't want to end up working at COSTCO or McDONALDS or worse.

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