Friday, September 5, 2014


I watched a used 99 cent VHS copy of THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION I had found at GOODWILL back in mid August. Then I went to bed at 10:29 pm lights-out time; and suddenly the film's same fireworks erupted outside over some SEAHAWKS preseason game victory celebration. ~ ~ And when I watched it a second time last night, the very same loud orgasmic fireworks were still going off again over the SEAHAWKS beating the GREEN BAY cheese-dick heads in their season opener. Then I read today that Ariana Grande's "...ass belongs to the Seattle SEAHAWKS". ~ ~ God I love my orange cheddar cheese packer job. ~ ~ For example, I took a munchies break while watching that sexy overweight Ariana Grande look alike in HAIRSPRAY:2 [the re-make musical] and heard the breaking AP radio report about Obama's homosexual Negro at the DOJ launching a 1960s style CIVIL RIGHS ACT investigation into the Ferguson police department. Since apparently they never got the original prophetic 1987 film's memo that every day is going to be Negro Day in the future. ~ ~ Thank you very much Glenn Beck et al. ~ ~ Yay Dallas!! ~ ~ Go Huston!! ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BY THE WAY NOTES: The fireworks started going off just before I started watching THE KISS OF THE JADE SCORPION at 9:51 pm. Then today, I found this black and white and gray no.951 image of that hot Greek waitress babe from the Village at: ~ ~ Even to this day, my all time favorite Woody Allen movie is MANHATTAN, per: ~ ~ If I was still back in my Woody Norris meets Howard Hughes mode, I'd probably watch it like 150 times in a row. ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: Cut the crap and get to work. We haven't got all day. You too David Lynch. ~ ~ UN NOTES: There now needs to be an independent investigation into the United Nations' crazy Orwellian investigation of Israel war crimes. As confirmed by those crazy militants who just kidnapped a troop of crazy Irish UN peace keepers in the Goland Hights and are now demanding a crazy ransom fee payment for their heads. ~ ~ Talk about your typical Hollywood pay-or-play contract. Which I AM is all in favor of; i.e. you now owe me the full amount, plus the juice, no excuses. ~ ~ And I don't care where you get the money.

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