Friday, September 26, 2014


The "satanic mechanic" that Clyde Lewis has been dreading for all of these years is now at the doors. ~ ~ Because THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy came out in Fresno, California on 9.26.75. Right around the same time that the film's dead ringer Greg Relf look alike got married and I met Steven and Ornella Fresh. ~ ~ Wherein my protagonist makes his physical transfiguration breakthrough after Steven and Ornella's horrible 1970s era HONDA ACCORD car crash near-death experience on the east coast. ~ ~ And now the film's time warp takes us to the "seven days" later when Rocky finally becomes a full grownup man; i.e. 10.3.14, the Day of Judgement. ~ ~ Remember, you can't run away from fraud and deceit. ~ ~ For example, here are the latest pix of Cara and her transsexualish girlfriend schooling their older brothers about the true meaning of the above iconic [1974 made] movie that opens with my amazing religious nerd look alike wearing Bonnie Lake Scotish plaid at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: Ornella Fresh got her feet smashed in a freak ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW ["accident!"] in Fresno for the very same reason that my protagonist writer gets his DANIEL 2 feet smashed in 1990's MISERY prophecy by some crazy Mormon church lady. And then he spends months getting pushed around in a symbolic FDR wheelchair by the same REV.17 lady. ~ ~ FLY FUCKING NOTES: That crazy Englishman had a motorcycle "accident" near Wolf Creek, Utah in confirmation of my own private Wolf Creek fly fishing tips for this year's Olympic Mountains fall season fly fishing. ~ ~ PS BRUCE AND MEL AND JERRY: It's high time that you three stop throwing good money after bad money. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Taylor Swift now has more money than all three of you put together. ~ ~ ME ME ME NOTES: Now I get to make any movie that I want to, co-starring me and the Beaver fucking grandma Julia Roberts et al on any one of my sailboats, whatever. ~ ~ He who pays the fiddler calls the tunes. ~ ~ STOCK MARKET TIPS: The fantastical unconstitutional concept that insider trading should be as illegal as racial discrimination is like believing that Obama's birth certificate is the real deal. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the Christian Bible teaches that it's the right thing to have more than one wife; as a deterrent against male homosexualism and greedy female selfishness.

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