Saturday, September 20, 2014


Back in his school days in Utah, Clyde Lewis wrote a tv pilot writing-class project entitled 'BLOOD RUNNERS'. That was about those hot nurse babes in OPERATION MAD BALL who serve the Lord in the future blood cleansing clinics in the sacred endowment houses mentioned at etc. Which will lead to the physical transfiguration. ~ ~ No wonder that Capt. Paul [military] Garrison is looking so damn good these days. And no, that is not some thick died hair wig on his head. ~ ~ Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Montana, I recently had a visionary dream about those four presidents depicted on Mt Rushmore in NORTH BY NORTHWEST. Wherein they suddenly crumbled to the ground, and God told me to read George Will's recent piece about the sudden upcoming financial meltdown. ~ ~ Thank you very much President Barack Obama, Larry David, Glenn Beck, and Jerry Seinfeld. ~ ~ I never could have done it without you. ~ ~ I owe you all big time. ~ ~ Don't worry, I am gonna make it up to you; every last cent. I don't forget so easily. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NURSE BETTY NOTES: Check out those sexy Jewish roots look on Jacksonville, Florida's Ms. Greene at: ~ ~ Jewish girls are quite famous for having very long memories; sometimes too long. ~ ~ However, that's still better than being some dumb Ephraimite blond who could care less about her family roots. ~ ~ See LOST HIGHWAY meets MULHOLLAND DR. down at the crossroads in BLUES BROTHERS: I&II&III. ~ ~ WHAT ABOUT BOB NOTES: Exactly, what about my uncle Bob's retarded twin brother who died on April 6? ~ ~ Jesus Christ already; what do you want?.. A solid gold toilet? ~ ~ But that is not going to happen, is it. ~ ~ WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION NOTES: Clyde Lewis had some former CIA agent named Greg on his show this past week. Who confirmed that God's servant named George W Bush Jr. [As described in the 1990s revelations recorded at] was completely justified in invading Iraq. See Kenny Kemp's past COMMON SENSE blog pieces about the obvious facts about Obama's forged birth certificate etc.

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