Sunday, October 5, 2014


Towards the end of RLDS Conference on Saturday, circa 2:49 pm PST, I had a sudden FLASH GORDON vision wherein I flushed my downstairs toilet full of little brown squirt-shits and not a few giggles. ~ ~ Then later, I actually did have to run to the basement bathroom at 7:03 pm and make an emergency dump. And when I turned around and looked back inside the toilet bowl, I was shocked to see the exact image of a rather greenish looking limestone colored pile that formed the perfect sculpture of a hand giving me the extended middle finger. ~ ~ I shit you not. ~ ~ Then a few hours later, I saw that arrogant know-it-all Jewish jerk from New York wearing a limestone sweater and giving the crazy Republican christian church lady nurse figure the finger in MISERY; set in Barack Obama's Colorado. [Think Rocky Mtns. Utah] ~ ~ In other words, today's polite society honorary doctorate leadership of the mormon church still think that their own shit don't stink. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEN VIRGIN NOTES: In the late night dark hours of 10.5, I dreamed that the naive Emma Watson had lost her virginity to some metaphorical Frankenfurter figure in Manhattan, NY meets Brown University, RI. Where theoretically Woody Allen's next sailor dog movie is supposed to take place, co-starring Emma Stone. ~ ~ Those foolish five 14-15ish virgin teens burned to death in Orange County after a night out at KNOTTS BERRY FARMS' Octoberfest style ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW style haunted house attraction. ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER DIRECTOR WRITER STAR NOTES: So what now? Do I go with Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld and Adam Sandler just because they all have my kind of fuck-you money? ~ ~ Or do I humble myself and accept the fact that I could live off of my filthy rich wives' money for the rest of my life and make any feature length indie film fuck movie on low cost home video that I want to? ~ ~ RATHER FRANK NOTES: Frank has an honorary '59' Second Class Boy Scout achievement patch on the arm of his trademark GSR/TWN black leather jacket in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. Per this fake number 59 image of Emma Watson at: ~ ~ Who is now being pushed up against a gray stonewall by me and gets softly and slowly fucked by the hard Rock of Jesus cock; and she likes it. ~ ~ [Oh you dirty little girl.] ~ ~

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