Thursday, November 6, 2014


I watched my new black and white 1964 birthday gift copy of A HARD DAY'S NIGHT on the same night that daylight savings time fell back an hour in America. Which was about those three boys getting 6-6-6 money pennies each in order to distract the 666 stage door guard and take over today's network television shows. ~ ~ Ergo, the indie film's helicopter finale wherein Paul McCartney tells the old clean looking corrupt marxist  FDR era grandpa to "Get rid of those things!!" That represent the fake 8x10 signed autograph copies of Barack Obama's bullshit birth certificate fan merchandize. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIRTY JEW NOTES: The envious and rather shortish Ephraimite manager figure in the above latter-day election night prophecy accuses his tallish Jew assistant [think agent] of being a "...dirty traitor!" Understandably so, I know the feeling. ~ ~ SO WHAT NOW ???? NOTES: Guess we are just going to have to accept the hard reality fact that we now get to keep our money, we now get to fuck teenagers, and we now get to make the kind of classic Hollywood remake/sequel movies that we always wanted to make. ~ ~ Talk about the proverbial shit storm hitting the fan.  ~ ~ 007 NOTES: Roger Moore's autograph initials are "R M" because I became a return Mormon missionary 'RM' from Rome when his first James Bond movie came out in 1973.

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