Thursday, November 20, 2014


All those white guys on talk radio are bitching about Obama ignoring the US Constitution when in fact they have been ignoring his own illegal alien status for six years now; ain't carma a bitch. ~ ~ Meanwhile, Bono crashed in Central Park and shattered his arm of flesh for a confirmation of that twin AERO 500 that crashed in Chicago off of Central Ave. ~ ~ Which is an area where many middle class negros have moved into who have good paying government jobs.  ~ ~ Hence U2's long time association with all things happening in Africa. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JEW NOTES: Those arrogant Jews were killed with an Oklahoma style Red River meat cleaver to the head and neck because that is how they kill the zombies in SHAUN OF THE DEAD. ~ ~ INSIDE CLYDE LEWIS NOTES: This week Clyde suggested that certain secret insiders behind the scenes in Russia and America are deliberately orchestrating conflict between the two super powers. In order that their huge unidentified command and control center can take over the world and make Rome's Pope Francis the Antichrist ruler of the world. Ah shit, now I'm gonna have to watch that amazing George W. Bush look alike 007 movie called THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. ~ ~ Yes, it's a pretty good Bond movie; but God damn I've already seen it like 50,000 times. ~ ~ So I guess one more time won't hurt. ~ ~ I did read something recently about a new docudrama about the UFO looking U2 spy-rocket-plane that was shot down over Russia during the cold war era. Not to be confused with the name of the iconic rock n' roll band named U2; which was prophetically named after an Ireland government unemployment form. For when the time would come that the abomination of desolation would take over America, circa day 1290 in the two witnesses' scenario pertaining to Judah, not Ephraim. Back when the negro Nation of Island, based in Chicago, marched on the United Nations in Manhattan. Which is why all those 1980s movies always made fun of the Nazis based in Chicago.

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