Sunday, November 9, 2014


Those freakish earthquakes happening along Nevada's 42 months line landmark are in the BURNING MAN Black Rock Desert area of the abomination of desolation; near Massacre Lake and Clyde Lewis' trademark Middle Lake landmark. Guano Lake being right there on the Oregon side of the legendary last days line that represents his crazy bat shit callers show's favorite 666 monsters comic book in the whole world is THE BOOK OF REVELATION. ~ ~ Hopefully, those four boys who Ringo Star encounters in A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, who represent the four beatles, can help today's immature grownups who are still stuck in the 19666s. ~ ~ These being Paul, Greg, Kit, and Ken. ~ ~ Who fished for crappie etc. down around the UW boathouse, where students rented their kayaks and canoes by the hour. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ZOMBIE MOVIE NOTES: The "...kill the queen..." line in SHAUN OF THE DEAD's third act was just confirmed by that exposed plot to stab Elizabeth II at a national memorial service in London. ~ ~ NO.29 NOTES: This 29th fake image of Never Campbell features the candy coated icecream cones in SHAUN OF THE DEAD meets SCREAM: VII. Believe me you, she would do a 7th sequel for 7 big ones in a heart beat. Even if the scripted project requires a little bit of fucking and sucking on the side. SEE: ~ ~ Neve has been living in London in recent years, and all that. ~ ~ LET IT BE DEAD NOTES: Obama's new and improved AG pick was about the underground negro mob in Harlem who defers to the [Jessica Alba] woman who rides the beast in REV.17. Who is extremely beautiful on the outside, but rather ugly on the inside.

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