Saturday, November 29, 2014


They just can't let it go can they, like at: ~ ~ Yes, IT'S ALL TRUE but who gives a shit? ~ ~ Believe me you; I'm in no hurry for everything to come crashing down before I get to make a few of my favorite fuck film sequel fantasies. ~ ~ Jesus Christ, I got so much money to burn right now that it's starting to go to my head. ~ ~ GREGORY SCOTT RELF'S TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER ~ ~ POTTY NOTES: One of the innocent girls tells Jodie Foster to not hide out in the stinky [lesbian] bathroom forever at the beginning of FOXES. Wherein she replies, "I'm not even in there yet." metaphorically speaking on a paraphrasing level. ~ ~ Remember, this was around the same time that they made my own private movie prophecy entitled AMERICAN GIGOLO. ~ ~ NIXONIAN MEDIA NOTES: Sadly, today's rabbit hole media has become the very same thing that it always hated. I.e. older rich people in high society who don't wish to rock the boat, circa 1975 meets 2015,  40 years later. ~ ~ GOLD STANDARD NOTES: Evangeline Lilly is the Maple Leaf one ounce coin gold standard of Canada. Because her eyes are slate blue, not brown, for one thing. ~ ~ For example, see: ~ ~
Well almost, good enough, anyway. ~ ~ If you are that crazy about me, then obviously I'm probably pretty crazy about you too; per Woody Allen's next movie. ~ ~ For the life of me, I just can't imagine wanting to fuck somebody who didn't want to fuck me too. No really, I'm not kidding. I have always voted Republican across the line, never Democrat, not even libertarian. I'm not as crazy or politically picky as you might think.

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