Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Believe it or not, the 1990s star of the above Florida honey gold movie lives/lived in Montana. ~ ~ But it gets worse [better] since Jennifer Aniston was the sexy hot Miley figure in the original Irish LEPRECHAUN pot-of-gold forerunner movie with the traditional folk song score motif. ~ ~ Anyway, here is Miley posing for the new GOLDEN LADY campaign at: ~ ~ Note the Egyptian eye black gold and inexpensive jewelry crystals theme for hot teens at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Do I have to point out THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW lips and the transsexual 1961ish biker jacket borrowed from Frankenfurter? Or are you so God damn smart that you already knew that? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SNOW JOB NOTES:  The freak white out snow storm in upper New York State is about that White Horse Prophecy movie that starred Sienna Miller. Jesus Christ almighty already, I wish to God  that I never threw out my old 1990S era VHS copies of FARGO meets BRIDE OF CHUCKY: Chicky gets lucky. ~ ~ DIARY NOTES: Last night I dreamed that a 45ish Hugh Hefner invited me to one of his famous garden parties for 70s swingers.  Where I happened to encounter a very friendly and flirty Gisele Bundchen. Who asked me point blank, "What do you want from me?" And since it was a typical 70s situation I just looked deaply into her eyes and said that I want to fuck you, and your sister too, if that's cool.

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