Friday, December 5, 2014


As the future King David of England, I am the defender of the faith; even the Church of England. Where everyone will live and breath free under my rule. ~  For example, if you are a Jewish homosexual communist, you too will have the right to organize your own tea party that promotes antichristism and welcomes left-wing black leather jacket fascistism. ~ ~ Who cares. Me and my loyalists will crush your throats every time in every election as long as I rule my party with an iron fist. ~ ~ They don't call me King David for nothing. ~ ~ Who sports that infamois "BOSS" heart tattoo art on my body in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. ~ ~ GREG ~ ~ PS JULIA ROBERTS: You know I own your ass. The only question is; do you want it now, or do you still need some time to think about it?  ~ ~ SUPER JEW NOTES: Jerry Lewis gets wrapped up like a dead Egyptian mummy in THE KING OF COMEDY prophecy. For back when the 12 tribes of Israel were being held in captivity by those African sodomite mulattos who founded the original ancient pyramid polity of Imperial Egypt. ~ ~ Ironically, that short little foolish Catholic virgin Martin Scorsese still believes that Bill Clinton is the cat's meow. ~ ~ Even though both Bills are well known rapists, and Obama is a well known Chicago style politics murderer and illegal alien who is using a stolen SS number. No wonder Scorcese et al voted twice for the new and much cooler 666 prince in DANIEL 9 two times. ~ ~ In the last days of NYC disco, bullshit talks, and money walks. ~ GOD SAVE THE QUEEN: I will destroy you without mercy if you try to lay a hand on England, much less France. ~ ~ "No sunrise yellow noise shall interrupt this ground." to paraphrase Emma Dickinson. ~ ~ For example, say I light up a fag inside of Bonney Lake's STARBUCKS, which is definitely a "bozo no no" per that father cop rigure in the FOXES prophecy. And then a cop walks up to me, who I tell to fuck off and die. So then the whiteish cop grabs me by the neck. And then months later the third way populist talk radio host Michael Savage says that there is no difference between lawless violent niggers and white people who believe in the rule of law. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would bet my last dollar that the Jewish populist socialist from Brooklyn, NY voted for that short bald Mussolini looking Ross Pirot.
 ~ ~ WHO DO YOU LOVE ? NOTES: In David Lynch's masterpiece WILD AT HEART meets LOST HIGHWAY prophecy, yours truly plays both THE SAILOR DOG figure and the U.S. MARINES navy tattoo guy, like at: ~ ~ Think Jesus loves you, even though he doesn't necessarily like you. ~ ~ Therefore Lynch gets to direct some of my first movies that co-star those two teen hottie's who live up the street from him. ~ ~ PS SPIKE LEE: I know who you are, and I know where you live.

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