Friday, February 13, 2015


David Carr, 58, dropped dead around 9:00 PM at the NYT on the eve of MERCEDES FASHION WEEK in confirmation of yours truly driving a 58ish bathtub PORSCHE in HARPER, circa 19666. ~ ~ Not to mention my post about getting a new evergreen state GTV drivers license courtesy of Evangeline Lilly. Who doesn't care if I love to fuck other women; just as long as she gets to watch whenever she wants. ~ ~ "I think we can live with that." [LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE.] ~ ~ See: ~ ~ Ms Lilly is a best-seller five virgin childrens book author, and all that. ~ ~ For example, when I finally get the call from one of Drew Barrymore's sister wives in MY DATE WITH DREW, we see a no.240 bus drive by in the background that represents the smiley clouds card that I give her in the end. For an R.S.V.P. thingy at the number '240' image by 'Cloud...' at: ~ ~ This being that sacred temple in the clouds in HARPER where we get sealed for all eternity as husband and wife. Whether we like it or not at first; "Time heals all wounds." yada yada. If the money is right of course. ~ ~ Ergo, Drew's ROLLING STONES reference top to "...hey hey get off of my cloud..." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MONEY NOTES: At this point, Oliver Stone can write his own check if he wants to cast Smiley Sire Us in my own private executive produced Janis Joplin biopic movie; set in Las Vegas. ~ ~ Seriously though, I really don't give a shit anymore. Now that I AM is so busy having more fun than a barrel of monkeys making my own Seattle based fuck you movies for two big ones a pop. ~ ~ ALFA NOTES: Here is you know who holding a purse that represents my choice of light brown leather seats in my repaired and restored 1974 GTV at: ~ ~ Time to get out your lizard-skin wallets boys. And put your money where your mouth is. ~ ~ Big flirty fucking deal. I'd love to lick Carey Mulligan's pussy and fuck Ellen Page in the mouth. "Whatever you see me do... Ye must also do..." [Jesus Christ] ~ ~ NEWS NOTES: That old gayish 60 MINUTES reporter died from a violent death on the upper East Side in confirmation of my SEINFELD no.14 1996 quote about how much people love interesting writing. As opposed to the network's boring as hell stonewalling of Obama using a stolen social security number, etc. ~ ~ What's next? Bill O'Really chokes to death on a chicken bone at some all-you-can-eat for 9.99 joint?

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