Friday, February 6, 2015


Lately, I have been enjoying some organic vanilla ÑEWMAN'S OWN David Letterman alphabet cookies that I found on closeout at THE CHECKOUT. So naturally I found a DVD of Paul Newman's 1966 film noir misfire at WALLY'S entitled HARPER. ~ ~ Wherein Jennifer Anniston is introduced at the lonely hearts piano bar for swingers singing "LIV'N ALONE" after her latest breakup with her latest beautiful boyfriend. ~ ~ "Time to wake up pretty girl." [MULHOLLAND DR.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HARPER VIEWER NOTES: The cult church on a mountain above Malibu represents Mel Gibson' maverick Catholic church Branch Davidian compound up there. Who is a big supporter of giving amnesty to illegal aliens and their alternative energy leader Barack Obama. Talk about the church in ROMA being a gang of pagan Sun/day god worshipers who are now being lead by a typical third-wayer from Evitaville. ~ ~ See the movie poster for little naive virgin children who are just beginning to read at: ~ ~ I AM NOTES: I loosely use the title 'I AM' strictly for mind fuck role playing purposes. Along the lines of that "...scrambled eggs..." theme song for the Seattle based sitcom called FRASIER; costarring that Paul Allan look atype who has an ordinary looking gay sidekick. ~ ~ Hence, all of those little innocent simpled people in REV.19 who will think that I AM is Jesus, etc. ~ ~ "It may look like Godzilla!.. But it's not!.. For copywrite reasons..." To paraphrase AP:III. ~ ~ WRONG NOTES: How could I have been so wrong for all these years? Thinking that my, " will be glorious.." in ISAIAH 11:10 after my 20 years period of R&R when I didn't have to work and worry about paying my rent, etc. And now I AM has to go back to work and make a living just like everyone else. Just so that I can pay back my millions and millions in 666 child support payments. ~ ~ True, I'll get to live for free at Elizabeth Hurley's country sausage animal farm estate with full spring creek fly fishing privaliges. But I'll still have to pay out of pocket for everything else. Including my once a year annual fishing trips along the outlet creek of those two day 1290 Jordan Lakes situated above Marblemount, Washington every late August and early September. Remember this, when I become the King of England, I get to do whatever I want; no matter what the cost. ~ ~ [Figure at least 3k per person for first class round-trip tickets from London to Vancouver, BC, plus rental 4x4.] ~ ~ DATING GAME NOTES: When I win my exotic vacation dream date with Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne, I AM going to insist that Angeline Lilly be our more mature and level headed older person chaperone.

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