Sunday, February 8, 2015


Bruce Jen/ner rear-ended that L word logo car on the Pacific Coast highway in confirmation of No.2 playing Mr.Beautiful in the 1966 HARPER prophecy about Mel Gibson's maverick sun temple in D&C 86 meets 1NEPHI. ~ ~ Think both Mel and Miranda grew up in Australia. Which is shaped like an upside down English riding saddle on the south side of the world. For Mrs. Sampson's unfortunate White Horse Prophecy accident that left her paralyzed; both physically and spiritually. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LETTERMAN DUDE RANCH NOTES: These vanilla cookies for little ten-virgins kids who are just learning to read are a Divine match up at: AND: ~ ~ Think Judy Relf's preschool history as the sainted Mother Theresa figure of my first kissing cousins named Julie, Jana, and Jamie. ~ ~ HARPER NOTES: Tired of me harping on the same old thing? How about we do lunch in Malibu and then we go over to your place and I fuck you in the mouth until you want to vomit? ~ ~ BAD DREAM NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Ornella Fresh was still ignoring me like in my CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND dream date prophecy, because her girlfriend named 'Monica' was bad mouthing me. ~ ~ P.S. STEVEN FRESH: If you are still not sure what to think about me fucking your 70s exwife, and you fucking my own 70s exwife, check out Tom Cruise flirty fucking my Laurence Pierson meets Kate Holmes figure on a Bos-Wash commuter train in 1983's RISKY BUSINESS, at: ~ ~ If that does not put a smile on your face, I give up; like at the end of HARPERS. ~ ~ GONE FISHING SIGN: When you see me going hiking and fishing in the secret alpine lakes of the North Cascades with Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend, it's over, done, finito.

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