Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Katy Perry's fiery depiction of the mysterious REV.17 woman who rides the beast in SUPER BOWL 49 was confirmed by that TOP GUN pilot going up in flames inside of a monkey cage; somewhere along the apostate christian road to Damascus. ~ ~ "You're a mystery, and I like you..." [BLUE VELVET] ~ ~ "No one can tell me that I don't like them..." [SHAMPOO] ~ ~ "Some like it hot." meets "OK, that's enough..." [AUSTIN POWERS: International Man of Mystery] ~ ~ Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Hanna Montanaville, Michael Medved announced on the final 70th week of confirmations in DANIEL that he will be taking a 28 DAYS type time-out during the entire black history month of February in order to study up on Barack Obama's usurpation of the promised land in MARK 13:14's winter season prophecy. ~ ~ GUR/TWN ~ ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: I kid you not. On the very last day of the final week in DANIEL 9, Bruce Troxell himself showed up on Granny Grass' doorstep already looking like someone who has already entered into the physical transfiguration blood cleansing transfusion process. ~ ~ And I thought I was hot shit. ~ ~ What's next? Clyde Lewis starts voting for independent Tea Party candidates? ~ ~ Jesse Ventura comes out of the closet? ~ ~ I start getting live interview gigs again on late night drive time AM radio in Utah and Texas? ~ ~ "As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end." As in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE meets THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD. ~ ~ Whatever. You better be willing to tack on a few extra zeros on your cashiers checks if you ever hope to hook me into some three-stage payment three-movie deal. Now that Mr. Allan and I have agreed to start up our own underground online fantasy sports indie film Internet label. Look at it this way. Me and the boys in Seattle make more money in one week than any of you Jew boy queers ever did in Hollywood. ~ ~ P.S. DREW BARRYMORE: You proundly claim that you grew up surrounded by gays. Well I got news for you bitch, George Clooney and I grew up surrounded by ordinally looking queer guys who never wanted to grow up; many of whom were at least half Jewish.

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