Saturday, March 21, 2015


7 innocent lambs died in that 7-year house of Israel fire in Jewish Brooklyn on the 7th Sabbath Year of Israel. In confirmation of the night's blood red moon. ~ ~ I AM is now thinking that BiBi got re-elected by the more righteous forces in Israel; who pray day and night that their sudden flight will not have to happen in winter; per DANIEL 13. ~ ~ I mean think about; Randy Quaid's orthodox Jew beard images came out at the same time. And then Clyde Lewis very cleverly suggested on his late night talk show that he is probably one of the double agents who is behind the whole thing, at: ~ ~ In other words, you mess with BOOK OF MORMON, the BM messes with you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ G7 NOTES: How is that whole G8 thing working out for you in REV.17? According to the 66 books Bible, in the last days the entire world leadership of the whore of Babylon will be united against Israel. ~ ~ And that's not a good thing. ~ ~ PS SPEILBERG: I vaguely remember asking you for a favor about 7.7 years ago. Maybe I'm confusing you with someone else, whatever. ~ ~ Would it kill you to lend a brother a hand who was forced to suddenly flee from the HOTEL CALIFORNIA without paying his rent bill? And now even those crazy G7 type Canadian fucks up there don't want to have anything to do with him. ~ ~ From what I have read on the 666 Internet, it's gonna at least take 500k to get him out of hock. ~ ~ I'll give you two months to think about it. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL DOUGLAS: I like your work, and I admire you on a personal level. Ergo, please know that I would never even think about making a move on your hot young physically transfigured wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones. ~ ~ That is up and until after you are dead and long gone. And if we are blessed with your sudden presence in the first resurrection, I would be more than happy to hand her back to you. That is what brothers are for according to the Word of God at ~ ~ UPSTATE NOTES: Both Michael Douglas and Bruce Willis have purchased estates in upstate New York in confirmation of the [neocon] upstate Republican BUBBLE BOY prophecy. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: The reason why you don't care about Hillary Clinton's emails is becacause you are still living in that BUBBLE BOY episode, circa 1993 meets 1996. Obviously, you still don't believe in the BM. People who do not believe in the here and now tend to get caught up in immature simple minded conspiracies about some non existent upcoming 666 beast. ~ ~ PS LINDSAY LOHAN: I know that I have promised you the moon over the past ten years. So this I promise you now; I will review once again VIVA LAS VEGAS this very same night. And I will get back to you with the LEPRECAN 3-4 results, sooner rather than later. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ That goes for you too Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. "The only thing that you care about is your ALFA ROMEO." [Laurence Pierson] ~ ~ You're God damn right bitch. ~ ~ Think Tom Hanks asks "Where's Greg?" in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets THE LADY KILLERS remake.

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