Sunday, March 15, 2015


It's gonna take me at least ten years to get back to Mel Gibson's 29ish sexy man cover of PEOPLE magazine, circa 1985. Meanwhile, I can do a fairy decent 49 pretty soon, like at: ~ ~ Remember, one of the infinite aspects of Jesus' infinite grace is that you will never be asked to close your eyes and endour the neverending suffering of some old man fucking you in the mouth, etc. Just as long as you agree to pay me what you owe me for your sins in tax free after 666 cash money. Yes, I will be fucking you in any way that you want me to fuck you. Just as long as I am also responsible enough to do my part; and start looking like Iggy Pop does at: ~ ~ Remember, all monies that you deposit into the United Order credit union still belong to you. Just as long as me and the boys get to juice a measure of it in good faith. ~ ~ In other words, if you don't feel like fucking my Iggy Pop look alike figure then you don't have to, and I don't have to either. ~ ~ Is there anything worse than going on a date with some sexy woman who really can't stand you and keeps trying to ignore you? ~ ~ Try being married to one for five years. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LAST TANGO IN PARIS NOTES: Practically everything in my life comes down to this movie's biopic timeline concept of my LDS mission in ROMA. ~ ~ I mean think about it. The stage is now set for a middle aged man fucking a couple of teenager hotties who are hopelessly in love with me. ~ ~ If the money is good enough, and the older actor who plays Marlon Brando can deliver the goods. ~ ~ Trust me, I AM is that good. Which is why you get paid up front Italian style, circa 1985. ~ ~ DECADENT WESTERN CAPITALISM NOTES: Don't let those internationalist marxist Jews and niggers on the down low fool you; who are now running things in Washington, DC. ~ ~ Their 42 months long party is now over. ~ ~ HANNIBAL:2 NOTES: Johnny Depp flew away on a jet with his cut off broken hand in a sling that represented the cut off 666 hand of the beast at the end of HANNIBAL:2. ~ ~ PS RUSH: That is you at the Jewish dentist office in A SERIOUS MAN, circa 2009. In other words, telling the painfully uncomfortable truth about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate is going to feel like getting a couple of your front teeth pulled out. ~ ~ P.S. GUS VAN SANT: I know that I talk a lot of shit about making indie films that cost over 100 big ones. ~ ~ Whatever, back in the mid 1980s you saved my life, artistically speaking; so now I owe you big time. ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: Whatever you feel like you have to do, please know that I will always support you.

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