Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Since I AM is the long awaited 12th I-Man SEAHAWKS fan who actually really does have an 'I' icon scar on the middle of my forehead, I get to critize that abomination of desolation nigger homo in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ [The capitol letterman 'I' stands for Iran, etc.] ~ ~ Unlike Mr.Boner in the log cabin Republican controlled House and Senate, who just gets to pretend like he is not down with Mr. Obama et al. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SIENFELD 4 NOTES: This year's FINAL 4 begins on the 4.4 anniversary of MLK Jr. getting hunted down by some crazy white deer hunter at 2bc.info. ~ ~ Who was very similar in spirit to that odd ball white man who assassinated JFK Jr. in Dallas, Texas with a deer hunter rifle. Yada yada, six one half dozen the other. ~ ~ OK, I admit it. Chinese people all look the same to me. ~ ~ Not to mention the Koreans; both north and south. ~ ~ Note the fascistic great leader portrait of Barack Obama that hangs above Jerry's flashing red warning sign answering machine in SEINFELD 4. ~ ~ Since the 4th 1993 breakout season opens with yours truly trying to hock my screenplay called "THE KEYS" around LA's espresso joints while I AM was up in the northwest murdering all of those sexy blond scream queen actresses in the MULHOLLAND DR prophecy by David Lynch; some ten years years later. ~ ~ BB NOTES: The father of 1993's THE BUBBLE BOY episode looks like today's Bill Murray because one of his kids also has a special needs born-that-way problem. Due to his tragic white flour diet of Babylon at the diner where Jerry can't even stand to look at his old 8x10 close-up in the mirror anymore.

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