Saturday, March 14, 2015


Turns out HANNIBAL:2 is about the DOJ and the FBI doing nothing about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate and stolen Social Security number; not to mention conservative talk radio for apostate Christian anti-mormon blow hards. ~ ~ Since the above 2001 White Horse Prophecy movie is about a former born again christian homosexual youth pastor who thinks that he can outsmart me and my niggers. ~ ~ Therefore, it is by the wicked that the wicked are punished in the BM. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUMMER OF LOVE NOTES: At the end of SEINFELD 8, the last episode is called THE SUMMER OF GEORGE [Washington]. For that giant black nigger bee who starts buzzing George in the opening STARBUCKS cafe scene that features my Gisele Bundchen look alike wife from Brazil. ~ ~ I mean think about it. How in the world could all of those savage niggers in the TARZAN movies completely take over the streets in Sodom and Egypt for 3.5 days? You would need a complete breakdown in civil law&order for something like that to happen. ~ ~ NEW JERUSALEM NOTES: Looks like there is going to be an intifada in the New Jerusalem, much like the ones that have happened in the ancient Jerusalem of Sodom and egypt; where the Jews crucified Jesus. "Shit happens" [FOREST GUMP] ~ ~ A SALTY MAN NOTES: The Salt River runs south of the two Hannibals because both of the tastless and bland churches in Salt Lake City and London have lost their salt, like it says in JACOB 5, etc. Pike County, Illinois being a confirmed last days timeline for all of those REV.13:1 stuffed pike trophies hanging on the wall of that cannibalistic nice guy Jew fuck attorney in A SERIOUS MAN. ~ ~ P.S. PARIS: The reason why you still get a cool 500k for just showing up for two hours at some new disco opening night in Dubai is because that is one of the last places on earth where me and my boys can park are billions in tax free cash, no questions asked. ~ ~ Keep up the good work of God my special darling and you will be rewarded ten fold in the end. ~ ~ Fuck THE BANK OF CANADA if they are still not ready to handle my kind of money.

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