Monday, March 30, 2015


That German looking psycho spreads his arms like wings when he suddenly flies into the NBC set of THE PILOT eposode, 4th season. ~ ~ Giving a shout-out in latin about killing tall Jewish tyrants like Abrahamas Lincoln, who was from Illinoise. ~ ~ This being the civil war cannon fire jokes at the end of THE BUSBOY, incorporating NYC Vs. Texas, via Chicago. ~ ~ As just confirmed by today's military of Sodom and Egypt engaging in urban warfare exercises in various Republican Party controlled southern states. ~ ~ Per the end of THE PONY REMARK, where the white Christian police try to keep the rioting niggers behind their so-called racist crowd control barricades. Only using little kiddie size ponies that don't stand a chance against today's giant size NCAA college negros. Who represent those gentile giants in the [last] days of Noah. ~ ~ According to REV.13, the first German beast will sustain a serious head wound like Indiana got in his vintage WW II plane, and then it will heal miraculously in the form of new and improved civil rights fascism. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHEN PIGS CAN FLY NOTES: Various Intel reports are indicating that Hamas, Hezbula/Iran, and the PLO, are planning some kind of a united front German style "blitz" on Israel. Today's government run universities being the new Marxist reeducation camp/uses for naive white girls like Emma Watson, etc.

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