Monday, March 9, 2015


Those white niggers at Oaklahomo U were making fun of black niggers because the university's Christian homo mormonish president looks so much like an older version of my prophetic white-as-a-ghost anti hero in the midwest mob CAPOTE prophecy. ~ ~ Flash backwards to George Cast/anza's short bald Christian who still doesn't understand the gayish nature of apostate christian monogamy, and you get the big mormon church look alike picture. ~ ~ Four an example about what I AM is talking about, see the movie's wiki page link out of London, England; stamped at 4:09 at: ~ ~ Naturally, this is all about paying me what you owe me. ~ ~ And then I let you live just for shits and giggles. Never forget; I too really want people to really really like me. I'm only human after all. ~ ~ Which is why I keep shamelessly begging Woody Allen to make some kind of a SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR Elivs-is-alive movie with me; and I pay for the whole thing for Christ's sake. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ Obviously, I have no problem with hot gayish guys playing negro music in movies. ~ ~ I just hate it when everybody tries to say that it is normal. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOMETHING SMELLS NOTES: Jerry's stinky car in the FINAL FOUR season bears the plates of the new cool rider 666 beast in this double computer graphics joke at: ~ ~ Note how much Jenny looks like George's ex girlfriend Suzie in the above topless image. ~ ~ Oh yeah; I want that. And I want it now. If the money is right course; don't be rediculous. ~ ~ BLACK AND WHITE BALL NOTES: My southern boy Truman Capote figure who lived in the UN TOWER [Records] with Johnny Carson et al looked like Ken Keisler. Who grew up on a midpriced middle-class farm worth around $7,000,000 in cotton and peanuts every year in south Texas. ~ ~ Think Elaine gets her stinky hair washed out with symbilc bloody gory tomator juice. Like in some kind of low budget drive-in scream queen horror movie. ~ ~ "And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for [4] the fine linen is the righteousness of saints." [REV.19:8] ~ ~ DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS NOTES: "All of the Hollywood movie star-wacker stalkers say that..." Says my future southern-man father-in-law, Eric Roberts, in MY DATE WITH DREW meets MYSTIC PIZZA. ~ ~ Yes, I AM is going to be fucking both Smiley Cyrus and a very very very very smiley Ellen Page in the mouth as we all wait in my 19' production movie set trailer for our next on camera take. ~ ~ What? ~ ~ You don't know that the iconic comic book reverse-mortgage 1260 days bizzaro episode of SEINFELD is about Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David keeping around 10% of their money and giving the rest of it to me? ~ ~ POSITIVE/NEGATIVE MAN NOTES: The so-called negative pickup deal became a big deal back in the 70s and 80s so that guys like Terry McKnight and Steven Fresh could also get into the motion picture business; even if they only had about like around $5,000,000 in total assets. ~ ~ Not to mention Woody Norris. ~ ~ The nice thing being, most of these low budget amateur wanna be filmmakers will pay up for anything that is signed onto by Chloe Moretz and Emma Stone and me. Knowing that they are going to get at least 90% in prophets on the back side. ~ ~ 4.4 NOTES: In the 4th season of SEINFELD 4, it becomes quite clear why there are no negro homogaysexuals in the main cast.

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