Saturday, March 7, 2015


Steven Fresh is largely responsible for making me the man that I AM is today. When he treated me to any 5-star hotel or restaurant in Manhattan back in the early GREASE:II 1980s. ~ ~ Looking back, I think that something snapped, in a good way, when we were both walking down the sidewalk and some 14ish girl and her older sister accosted us both and said, "We're the best!!" And just a little later, Steve looked over at me and said that I look like Ives St. Laurent; what with my white linen shirt and full-count-weave Egyptian cotton slacks; on top of my white canvas loafers. ~ ~ [ See Steve's trademark look alike camelhair trenchcoat time-line confirmation at,] ~ ~ That I was wearing when we toured the upstairs physical transfiguration temple located right next door to Barack Obama's prophetic 2015 LINCOLN CENTER temple square complex featured in that Ornella Fresh funeral home prophecy costarring Nick Cage and Cher. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE SEINFELD NOTES: I went back to PISTOL ANNIES and grabbed some dog eared SEINFELD 3 DVD, and saw the episode wherein the sexy southern belle X girlfriend unexpectedly dumps Jerry after she saw his typical Jewish liberal New York schtick "material" that reminded her just a bit too much of Jewisme marxism's eastern European immigrant 666 materialism. ~ ~ What? You don't understand me? And you don't even like me? ~ ~ Guess that it is now high time to swallow a mouth load of my big cock cum medicine and go back to school. ~ ~ I really don't give a fuck if you agree with me or not. ~ ~ That's not the problem. ~ ~ What is the problem that makes me a violent wife beater is that you drive me crazy when you don't even listen to me. ~ ~ I'm kind of girlish in that way, since I was probably born that way for a reason, yada yada... For example, I was watching the SEINFELD episode where that psycho NBC writer starts stalking Jerry. And then I took a little snack break and tuned into GROUND ZERO radio's latest boring report about me threatening to murder Steven Fresh if he does not pay me the [30k] in ransom money that guys like him still owe me in THE ZERO EFFECT prophecy. ~ ~ Whatever. ~ ~ Don't call me. Don't bother me. Unless you want to end up like some B list player in CAPOTE meets MONTANA; co-starring yours truly meets whoever I feel like fucking in my next three-way feature directed by Quentin Tarantino on the down low. If the money is right of course; don't be rediculious.

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