Wednesday, March 25, 2015


When an exasperated Elaine is frantically trying to put me on the next AIRBUS jet plane out of town in THE BUSBOY,1990, I ask her to look for my future symbolic brown sidekick's wool sweater, circa 2015. Therefore, she grabs her own brown [young lamb] sidekick's sweater that was hiding in her drawer and throws it at me. ~ ~ Ergo, the Frenchie made A 320 is a '32_' frozen degrees reference to the cold-hearted bitches of Israel in 2NEPHI 8, yada yada. ~ ~ Who need to put on my brown boyfriend sweater and warm up, literally speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KICK ASS NOTES: I couldn't believe my LUCKY U tattoo luck Wednesday morning when I got in line at STARBUCKS right behind some incredibably hot-ass blond who was almost at least 16. And then later, I read that the Wood Man was hitting on his underaged co-star in MANHATTAN meets LOLITA. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I'm gonna have a huge career in motion pictures. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: I'm giving you a deadline to pay up or else. Either you repent of your silly unexcusible homogaysexual ways sometime in the next ten years, before you send your son off to a proper British boarding school for boys only, or God will cause your prostate to stop functioning properly. We're talking around 80 years-old here now, give or take a few. ~ ~ What? You don't want to get your cock sucked by underaged girls who look like underaged boys for the next 50 years or so? ~ ~ You don't make me look like a fool-for-love who got caught with his pants down, I give you a very dignified back door exit plan. And you get to keep 90% of your tax-free money too. ~ ~ PS JERRY: Your softball jersey in THE PONY REMARK represents Clyde Lewis et al getting thrown out at third base. That stands for the third woe that is going to cause him and his ilk in the mormon church leadership in Utah to finally grow up and get over their childish feelings about partisan politics. Which were clearly laid out by those Barney Franks meets Larry King clips played on Rush Limbaugh this morning. ~ ~ AIRBUS NOTES: In 1990's season 2 BUSBOY episode, Elaine buys a new alarm clock that wakes her up with a slap in the face at "...nine fifteen!" According to the 9.15-16 date of Judah in the 1260 days prophecy about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11-13.

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