Thursday, March 12, 2015


That negro military BLACKHAWK from Niceville crashed into the REV.13:1 sea because that is where the Blackwater River flows down from the Alabama area where FORREST GUMP happens. ~ ~ For example, some guy from Illinois with a questionable background, named Mr. Black, was responsible for that negro train wreck off of Hwy.301. Around the same time that the fascistic report from the black operated DOJ came out at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ But it gets better. Even those really really really old Mormon Church rabbis in A SERIOUS MAN just passed Utah's latest civil rights act of Sodom and Egypt today. ~ ~ Like my straight shooting protagonist says in HARPER, 1966. Most nice guys finish last; because most of them are so God damn phony. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LARRY DAVID NOTES: David's dead fish play about nice guys who finish last but not least is the fulfillment of NBC's president dying with the fish at the end of SEINFELD 4. ~ ~ Think DEATH TRAP is about the end of the line in the East Hamptons; costarring me and me in both of the leading roles. Except this time my long suffering wives are played by Cara and Carey. Where Jerry Seinfeld still lives to this day. And so he has to pay for my love shack boathouse in Sag Harbor; all paid for by Taylor Swift, on the backside of course. [Think about it as a solid gold real estate investment in your name only. That even your current gentile wife doesn't know about.] ~ ~ You scratch my sidekick's back, I scratch your sidekick's back. ~ ~ GREEN LIGHT NOTES: Looks like I AM is going to have to go with this one at: ~ ~ Give me a brake. I don't have the time to read every cotton-picking screenplay or CHANNEL 4 BBC tv roof-top script that happens to come a cross my desk. Sometimes you just have to go on instinct and play with the cards that God gives you. Even if you are already the de facto King of England, and everyone and his hunting dog knows it by know. ~ ~ GROUND ZERO EFFECT NOTES: Dick Cheney shot his two-faced friend in the face with buckshot down in Texas because Clyde Lewis is still trying to fuck us about the lost tribes of Israel in JER.31, EZE.23, ISAIAH 11, D&C 86, and REV.9. ~ ~ You don't get it, I don't get you. ~ ~ GETTING INTO THE PHYSICAL TRANSFIGURATIIN NOTES: So what, I finance a shit load of indie films that are not always that artistic. What do you care? It's my money after all, not your money; like again at: ~ ~ PS STEVE FRESH: That mother who drowned in the Spanish Fork River was about my Spanish speaking illegal aliens deportation dream. That said, anyone who has ever met Steven Fresh in the flesh has gotten the first impression that he is a serious man. Ergo, the film's distinctly bland and boring and tasteless JACOB 5 message from the BOOK OF MORMON. When the time will come that we need to spice things up a bit. ~ ~ For example, I'd really really really love it if Carey Mulligan would suck on my cock like she does in AN EDUCATION meets meets a 16ish Chloey Moretz in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II. Of course, we're talking about spending 100 big ones on this one; don't be rediculous. ~ ~ In the 1973 original, I AM plays the man downstairs, and Steven Hughes is the look alike man upstairs who is fucking my French wife. Only in the inspired director's cut of course. We would need to to cast some underaged 18 year-old with a nice thick bush, etc. etc.

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