Monday, March 23, 2015


The call came in at 12:23 in Orthodox Brooklyn for a sign from G-d that Barack Obama is the one who made Donald Young go away on 12.23. Because the Black Jesus figure could not stop bragging about his long time gay relationship with the one in DANIEL who is no respecter of women's desires. ~ ~ Hence, the funeral for those 7 lambs who were sacrificed old testament style began on Sunday. Which is the March 22 death date on the tombstone under that genealogy tree of lost Israel in FOREST GUMP. ~ ~ As confirmed by the iconic Ted Cruz Lamanite follower of Jesus Christ who is at least 20% Judah. ~ ~ Or in other words, Cruz is one of those devout gentile Christians who is still pissing on the BOOK OF MORMON and the US Constitution too; conservative talk radio style as explained at, ~ ~ Sadly, Ted is the best conservative candidate out there by far. Which probably means that we no longer need to worry about who will be the next President of a non existant federal government in Wash. DC. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FULL MOON NOTES: Since Miley's mooner pic rolled out right before I watched VIVA LAS VEGAS, on the same day of the blood red harvest moon, I decided to watch LEPRECHAUN 3. Wherein yours truly turns into a leprechaun werewolf on a full moon who saves Miley's look alike girlfriend at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Ergo, any friend of my wife is a friend of mine. ~ ~ SWEET 16 NOTES: The time is at hand when the Elders of Israel get to fuck innocent virgins who are almost at least 16. Generally speaking, people of strong religious faith who have been ignoring the Old Testament's teachings and the BM are about to get sent back to school, GREASE 2 style. ~ ~ Meanwhile, Pierce Bronson is going to make sure that his house fire insurance involves a really nice extra special guest room reconstruction project that involves me showing up and crashing at his shag pad in Malibu any time that I feel like it without notice. ~ ~ In other words, if my Orthodox Catholic boyfriend Mel Gibson doesn't want me, then my other Irish Catholic boyfriend will. ~ ~ Think MATADOR meets DIE ANOTHER DAY. ~ ~ Need I remind you again that Stella Maxwell lives in Ireland? And my FUTURE SHOCK wife Scarlett Johansson has aN Irish type "LUCKY U" tattoo on the side of her Adam and Eve rib cage?.. That represents all of those legendary bird cage movies like LE CAGE AUX FOLLES and THE BIRD MAN FROM ALCATRAZ, yada yada... SEE: ~ ~ PS LL: Don't worry your little heart out my darling. Right after all of those Jew fucks around the world get nuked, you get to have all of my babies that you want, and the money too. Payable in the form of up-front child support payments and generous 10/90 actor gig contacts. ~ ~ Basically it all comes down to this; you show up in my trailor and suck my cock whenever I want you to, you get paid in tax free cash money on the barrel; no questions asked. Don't listen to Steven King et al, they do not know what the fuck they are talking about.

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