Monday, March 16, 2015

TA TA... H

God shows me my kind of reward money in HANNIBAL right before the opera sequence happens, starting at about 1:02:30. Wherein we see three of my beautiful wives in temple veils performing on stage with my Branch Davidian figure who is a direct descendant of Jesus Christ. ~ ~ Then we see the little horn in DANIEL who represents Barack Obama; because of those three [woes] Muslim women in the background. ~ ~ Anthony Hopkins was 63 when the sequel to THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS came out. Which Jodie Foster wanted no part of because she knew that is was completely homophobic and anti feminist. ~ ~ True enough. ~ ~ Hence the film's many physically tranfigured statues of King David in and around Firenze. ~ ~ Who will become the King of England once again. ~ ~ "No one beats the Ris." [HANNIBAL] ~ ~ See what I AM is talking about at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ P.S. AL: Yes, a clean physical environment is an extremely important issue. But not nearly as important as the issue of Barack Obama being an illegal alien. ~ ~ In the Word of God, the spiritual always comes well before the temporal, or physical world. ~ ~ SHOOTING ON FILM VS. VIDEO NOTES: No coincidence that they are still shooting the bigger scenes using physical .35 film in the new 007 movie. ~ ~ In the beginning, everything was created spiritually before it was actually created physically. ~ ~ In other words, having hot sex with two underaged teenagers on your own private vintage 51' sailboat is only the frosting on the cake. ~ ~ P.S. TARENTINO: You now have my permission to shoot your next ten movies on .35 transfigured onto digital. ~ ~ Like it says in DANIEL 9, racist homophobic bigotry will be all the rage when the abomination of desolation finally appears on the scene. ~ ~ This being the patience of the latter-day saints in REV.11-13 who are so sick and tired of today's mormon church gay ass leadership, etc. ~ ~ BIG LOVE SEX CULT HBO NOTES: A storm wiped out Prince George's Vanuatu sex goddess paradise on the eve of Elizabeth Hurley's new series on the E CHANNEL about me and her turning her swanking digs in London into some kind of a Hindu palace for swingers; EATING RAOUL meets OCTOPUSSY style. ~ ~ Per me eating Allegra's pussy at the end of the HANNIBAL prophecy that came out in 2001. ~ ~ WHY! WHY! NOTES: Why do I keep having these erotic dreams about having so damn much fun flirty-fucking Britney Spears? ~ ~ Your guess is as good as mine at this point. ~ ~ PLAN B NOTES: If they don't let us shoot the follow up to LAST TANGO IN PARIS in ROMA, circa 1973, we can always shoot it in Firenze and Sienna on the down low; cash on the barrel, no questions asked. ~ ~ And yes, Elton John gets to pay for my first one. Becuse he couldn't keep his big fat mouth shut. ~ ~ Big wow. ~ ~ Everyone is going to have to pay for theirs sins sooner or later, one way or the other. ~ ~ Don't kid yourself; the iconic 1970s rocket man believes in Jesus just as much, if not more, than Clyde Lewis does. ~ ~ And that is really really saying something, all things considered. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Elton John is still making enough off of his 10% music royalties and his 10% concert tickets that can pay for anything that I feel like doing for the rest of my life. ~ ~ Ergo, not only do I get to shack up for free room and board at Elizabeth Hurley's London townhouse featured in the Austin Powers trilogy; but I can pay her enough in tax free cash rent money on the down low in order to maintain my dignity as a man about town.

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