Thursday, March 26, 2015


In most restaurants, the busboy doubles as the type dishwasher. At least that is how it worked in the Greek restaurant that Jennifer Aniston's father owned and operated when she was a fine assissimo teenager waitress growing up in Manhattan. ~ ~ And yes, please do go fuck yourself right now, before we go any further. Salt Lick City; Utah being the home of some of the best Greek miners restaurants in North America. Not to mention the finest coffee shop in the entire western hemisphere. ~ ~ Where they roast their select black African beans every single day on the premises, using a much more generous course-ground amount in the brewing, and charge twice as much for a retro 1960s dinner style 8 oz. cup. And the waiters and the waitresses would never think about asking you what you might think about those niggers in Ferguson, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS LARRY DAVID: Jerry's joke about old white men golfers having to wear all white and relocate down to moderate Republican controlled Florida is about the baptism whites and masonic templre Davidian blood cleansings that lead to the sexy old guy physical transfiguration. ~ ~ In other words, the show's balding premature 39ish George can not imagine any situation where he ever gets to have sex again in his life with an attractive woman; because he doesn't know anything about how to look 39ish again. ~ ~ See the above Billy Idol song link image for a second look about what it means to be 100 years-old and still have that thick white GRECIAN GREY died hair look. ~ ~ Think about it; yours truly started to use GRECIAN GREY shampoo when I was a very vain 39 years-old and still living in Provo, Utah. And then I washed out and had to hock my 1990ish APPLE computer for a one-way $99 AMTRAK train ticket up to Seattle. ~ ~ JACK ASS NOTES: That A-320 crashed directly above the very same route that I used in my own private ALFA sports car movie entitled THE DAY OF THE JACKAL meets VIVA LAS VEGAS. Wherein we see Barack Obama himself dancing right next to me in the latter movie's CHEEK TO CHEEK negro music rock in roll Tennessee music number.

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