Wednesday, March 18, 2015


You know that the above 1991 movie is about all the sounds of silence coming from the corrupted DOJ/FBI regarding Obama's stolen Social Security number when Clarice plays hide-and-seek with that transsexual and we see a [flash vision] picture of the masked dark skinned one that says, "AMERICA, OPEN YOUR EYES!" And illegally imported Asian death-mask moths are flying around everywhere in his prophetic basement lair. After my anti hero had escaped by wearing the cut off face of a patriotic law and order white man in Memphis, Egypt, USA. Moths being traditional Bible speak for the corruptabilty of the flesh. For when the time would come when the Jewish bubble boys at THE NEW YORK TIMES had successfully silenced anyone who might complain about America having a commander in chief of their armed forces who is not even a US citizen. ~ ~ Ergo, in the 2001 sequel, the religious DOJ Gospel of Paul figure is admonished to keep his mouth shut, and go sit at the childish liberal negros table; if he can not keep up with today's intelligent adult conversation about Obama's forged birth certificate and his use of a dead man's Social Security number. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GARY SIGNFIELD NOTES: In the bubble boy episode, Jerry tries to take back all of those embarrassingly "lame" things that he wrote about Barack Obama on his 8x10 head shot. "He's lying..." [Elaine Venice] ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: "We are going to become good friends..." [CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND] ~ ~ A bit over the top you say? ~ ~ Well fuck me Jesus, consider this, Elton John is going to become my sugar daddy forever and ever in like about five months. ~ ~ Which means that his two plastic banana good time rockin' roll boys, who look exactly like my two boys did back in the swinging 1970s, are going to turn out to be OK. Just as long as he let's me fuck him in the ass like a 17 year-old girl, over and over and over and again and again; financially speaking. ~ ~ SIENA, ITALIA NOTES: I need you-know-who to go to Siena and buy me my 15th century [1973] residence that was pointed out to you quite clearly in STEALING BEAUTY. ~ ~ Keep it in your own private name real estate trust fund only of course. We wouldn't want anybody to know that I AM actually does live there from time to time; like in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS. Wherein my retired antihero in HANNIBAL hides out in plain sight for around ten years. ~ ~ Believe me you. I AM is living under no fantasy world delusions about how much money it is going to take to get Sienna Miller et al to stop ignoring me on our first exotic movie location date. ~ ~ FIRST THINGS FIRST NOTES: I am the Mormon missionary man antihero CIA assassin who is role-played by George Clooney in THE AMERICAN. ~ ~ Once you come to understand this, everything else will fall into place, like at: ~ ~

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