Sunday, March 8, 2015


Indiana's vintage WW II plane crashed after takeoff because that is where Jerry Seinfeld still keeps some of his fast-flying vintage collector cars. Ergo, in season 4.4's double episodes no.23/24 entitled THE PILOT, the MC warms up the audience with a question about 'what is a pilot?' And some guy in a beard mask says, "Yeah, he flies a plane." Who was sitting right next to a physically transfigured Bill Gates, circa 1993. ~ ~ Then that crazy stalker guy who thinks that Barack Obama is some kind of a Jewish Abraham Lincoln figure jumps onto the 'break-a-leg stage. In confirmation of Harrison Ford having also broken his leg while filming his latest INDIANA JONES type movie. ~ ~ Then yours truly myself bursts into Jerry's apartment as everyone was just sitting down to watch the NBC 1993 1260 days pilot; sing a song about PISTOL ANNIE'S hock shop where he found the above DVD for only two bucks. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 444 NOTES: When Mr Bump hits it big time in FOREST GUMP, he gives 10% of Bill Gates entire estate to some little Baptist negro Four Square church down in Selma, Alabama. ~ ~ Think me me me me meets you you you you. All in the name of some little people's Four Square Gospel church at ~ ~ And no, Bill et al don't get to see the script; since I AM is still working on it and polishing it. That said, you' all have the last word when it comes to casting; which is the easy part anyway when it comes down to it in any Woody Allen movie TV series located in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. ~ ~ Like they always say in Vancouver, BC and Hollywood, Californi, "Casting is everything." If the money is right of course; don't be ridiculous. ~ ~ BUBBLE BOY NOTES: In no.23/24, the bubble boy tells Bill Murray that Jerry Seinfeld is just another Jew fuck "sell out" who still supports the masked negro president who has a bad sounding name. Hence, those masks in the scene where the Chinatown couple argue about NBC's gay ass president who was obsessed with Elaine's charming DOJ bitch who ratted on the coffee shop that was bought out by Jennifer Aniston's Greek Father back in the 1980s era of Ted Danson. ~ ~ ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS NOTES: The Brooklyn, NY based dirty filthy little Jew boy NYT, that still has a dark chocolate skinned negro boy for a senior editor, is now putting all of those bogus DOJ [Craig Fergusan] reports on their front page for confirmation of their front page splash of Barack Obama's bogus birth certificate that was made up in Hawaii. And then like about two hours later, some genious Jewish prodegy kid who is a computer graphics expert declared that the whole thing a complete fake. ~ ~ That would be me of course. ~ ~ And therefore that was a good thing; if you are someone like me. Whose only hope in life is that everything suddenly explodes in their faces. ~ ~ Too bad that that Jewish bitch who was running the NYT back when was such a huge Elaine Venice fan. ~ ~ CASHING THE CHECK NOTES: When I went into that check-cashing joint up in Capitol Hill, Seattle in the 1980s, to cash in my first stand-up-comedian jokes check from Joan Rivers for $150, she thought that I said 150k, no problem. If only I had kept my mouth shut and took the money and ran. That was actually a fair amount of money back in 1984. ~ ~ Back then, the only guy who was selling more and better jokes to Mrs.Rivers than I was, was some retired 63 year-old Navy captain joker living in Hawaii.

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