Saturday, March 28, 2015


George is flipping through his ring-binder copy of the 2BC at the brown coffee shop scene in THE PONY REMARK episode when he interrupts Elaine and Jerry with his complaints about never having hot sex again. Even though the answer to all of his depressing personal aging [no problemo] problems are right there in front of his nose. ~ ~ In other words, the agonizing pain that Jesus suffered at the hands of today's Jews is the key to the physical transfiguration. ~ ~ No pain, no gain. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOSE TO NOSE NOTES: In the negro music number in VIVA LAS VEGAS, everyone is dancing on top of that black&red Russian roulette wheel in Senator Reid's hometown; "All of my friends in high school were Mormons..." Jimmy Kimball. ~ ~ DEAD AGAIN NOTES: They reburied King Richard III on Keira Knightley's pregnant with child birthday. Could be some kind of a SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE movie thing. ~ ~ Whatever, it was definitely a sick feverish sign from God that the better half of England is starving for a new kind of king. ~ ~ HAVE IT YOUR WAY NOTES: Back when I became a 1980s style born again older student at BYU, virtually all of the BURGER KING restaurant franchises in Utah County were owned and operated by a mysterious Russian business man with illegal cable TV connections. And never in my life had I ever seen better German brown trout top-fly fishing action like I saw back then on the Provo River. ~ ~ Remember, this was back when Robert Redford was still a pretty sexy older-than-me dude who was fucking a 39ish Brazilian actress who was about my same age, and driving a red hot 911 German PORSCHE up and down Provo Canyon. And yes, I will be fucking Larry King's aging suicidal wife, and her hot younger sister too; that is after the old liberal New York Jew fuck dies and moves on to one of those three carpeted pillow levels in SEINFELD, per D&C 76. ~ ~ PS ERIC JADERHOLM: I got your message. Staying at your place in Midvale, Utah while I brush up at the SCHOOL OF PROPHETS feels good to me. ~ ~ PS GWYNETH PALTROW: Don't worry your little heart, I'm coming to get you. And your sister too, once all of those half Jew fucks in Seattle sign over 90% of their green pesto sauce pasta money to me. And therefore you don't have to drag me into some corrupt 666 court for any amount of after-tax child support that you feel you have coming from me. And then I AM is forced to pick up the phone in MULHOLLAND DR and say, "Talk to me." ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: Fuck me Jesus! I was sitting at the bar nursing my early morning loney-hearts-club 16 oz. cup Saturday morning at STARBUCKS, when suddenly my fit and trim ex French wife walked into the joint. ~ ~ God danm it dude; if she can't help you get over your breakup divorce depressions, I'm gonna have to go to plan B.

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