Friday, March 20, 2015


Apparently Jennifer Garner's latest movie is about me finally waking up and realizing in my old age that John Lennon had all of the answers afterall; role played by that Manhattan theater ham actor Al Pacino. ~ ~ Speaking of hamming it up for the cameras. SIGNFIELD was such a rarified success because the ensemble cast had the very strange ability to play it over the top and still make it believable. ~ ~ Yeahda yeahda, and the beat goes on... Check out this pic of my FUTURE SHOCK wife that was shot inside of an EL CAMINO [Means walker in Americano] that was taken in Hawaii. And you get to watch what happens next too, at: ~ ~ Imagine fucking that in the mouth for the next 50 years and you start to get the picture. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SCARY AS THAT NOTES: There was a broiled chichen holocaust sign in upstate NY near Mooers, Clinton County Thursday. And that's no TRIVIAL PERSUIT misprint matter. Because the immature Jewish BUBBLE BOY episode opens with a joke about the holocaust that killed 6,666,666 Jews in WW II. For when the time would come that 99.999 of every Jew who lives inside of today's Manhattan stock market bubble would vote for Barack Obama; and not just once, but twice, like at: AND: ~ ~ PS RANDY QUAID: You are now living on the lamb in the Orwellian Jew fuck world of captivity of the G7 mountains' 666 beast; because it says in REV.11-13 that those who led us into captivity will they themselves go into 666 captivity. ~ ~ You are Jewish you know. What are you?.. 6'3", maybe 6'4"?

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