Friday, March 13, 2015


In the Word, we should be sipping on tasty red wine in the sacrament, not that tasteless water from the tap that they use in the Mormon church. Unless of course we don't have any in stock because of turn of the century apostate christian Protestant teetotalerism feminism. ~ ~ Ergo, when we first meet that really nice Jewish French wine conasuer named Sy in A SERIOUS MAN, he represents the 1985ish antihero in EATING RAOUL's Keira Knightly look alike prophecy. Wherein I get to fuck her, and her sister too, after they have their babies and get over their brainwashed obsessions about romantic infatuations; per the scene where the dominatrix mama whore tells them how to do it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? NOTES: It took two flash visions from God to finally get me to wake up and take a second look at THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS' sequal entitled simply HANNIBAL. ~ ~ OK already, I get it. ~ ~ Hannibal is located up river from Ferguson; for a 1290 days marred servant thing about the abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12 and MARK 13. ~ ~ This being the one that starts out with the negro getting a cool 250k for Barack Obama's trimmed Hebrew beard shaped mask, no questions asked. Not even on white conservative born again christian talk radio. Hence the ridiculous Oprah Winfrey size mansion used in the first and final acts. Where they shot MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO last days prophecy called BEING THERE on the radio in GROUND ZERO meets THE ZERO EFFECT: I, II, & III. ~ ~ KEEP CLAM NOTES: I mean think about it. Would I like to see a Democrat Party member become the President of America in 2016? Or would I like to be fucking 4 teenager hottie's on my vintage 51' sailboat tied up in Newport, Rhode Island meets Newport, California?

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